Emma Stone’s Engagement Ring: Why Pearls Are Making a Wedding Comeback

Emma Stone’s Engagement Ring: Why Pearls Are Making a Wedding Comeback

When Emma Stone got engaged late last year, her partner proposed with an antique-style engagement ring featuring a luminous centre pearl surrounded by a delicate cluster of diamonds. 

Celebs sporting massive rocks is the Hollywood standard, so we were thrilled to see an A-lister ditch the carat count entirely! But this non-traditional choice also signaled the start of a wedding comeback for pearls. 

Just about every woman out there has a pearl necklace, earrings or ring lying around in her jewelry box, but when was the last time you actually wore them? It’s time to dust off those iridescent beauties, because pearls are trending in the new decade. 

Today our guest author Laguna Pearl shares the symbolism, tradition, quality and versatility of pearls as a chic wedding day accessory that’s anything but conservative. 


The ‘Queen of Gems’ has been beloved throughout history for its beauty and rarity. A Hindu myth says the god Krishna drew the first pearl from the ocean and offered it to his daughter on her wedding day as an example of purity, unity and love. 

Many of the world’s religions consider pearls to be sacred. Representing loyalty, generosity and integrity, it makes them the perfect gem to wear on your wedding day. Different pearl colors denote different ideas: pink indicates romance and good fortune, black symbolizes everlasting love, while classic white signifies new beginnings. 


Weddings are one of humankind’s oldest rituals, and wearing an heirloom piece of jewelry for this event is a common custom. Vintage wedding rings are trending not only because of sentiment but also sustainability. Couples are looking for ways to reuse and recycle gems by repurposing family jewelry or sourcing pieces at estate sales and antique stores. We’re harking back to the Roaring Twenties when Coco Chanel made pearls de rigueur. What’s old is new again, and things like lustrous Akoya pearls from Japan (where pearl culturing got its start) are as cool as it gets – just ask Emma Stone! 


Pearls are the perfect representation of marriage because when properly cared for, they’ll last a lifetime. They also embody style and taste. With modern royalty like Kate Middleton and a long list of Hollywood royalty rocking pearls these days, it’s no wonder they’re back in style for big events and small. 

Take Margot Robbie’s 2020 Oscars look. She accessorised her Chanel gown with a spectacular pearl encrusted brooch, ring and stud earrings. Her stylist Kate Young chatted to Vogue about the recent pearl revival. “They were associated with older women, and now no one has worn pearls for so long that they feel fresh and a little more modern. Right now, there’s a set that wants to be a little more understated and pearls really fit with that.” 

While we can’t all borrow an heirloom pearl choker from the Queen, we can take inspiration from these red carpet looks and make them our own! 


Pearls are nothing if not versatile. They flatter every skin tone and go with absolutely everything, which comes in handy if you’re planning multiple outfit changes during your wedding. They’ll complement your ceremony dress, reception ensemble and after-party attire – even if it’s denim!

There are so many ways to wear pearls besides a single strand necklace (although you can never go wrong with one of those). You could try a lariat, cuff bracelet or ear climber.

Beading is another big bridal trend this year and pearls are both elegant and luxurious. If an embellished wedding dress is outside your budget, a beaded veil is a great alternative. But don’t stop there. Expect pearl scatters, barrettes and crowns to adorn modern wedding hairstyles! 


With their understated elegance, breathtaking beauty and subtle shine, it’s no surprise pearls are making a splash at 2020 weddings. Thanks to Laguna Pearl for sharing these expert insights with us! Their online store features a collection of premium pearl jewelry to accessorise your wedding day look.

Image Credit: Andrea Raffin/Shutterstock.com

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