What to Do With Your Wedding Photos After the Big Day

What to do With Your Wedding Photos After the Big Day

One of the best ways to relive the memories of your wedding day is to turn your photos into cherished mementos. Rather than leaving them untouched on a hard drive or tucked away in a box, these beautiful images deserve to be preserved, presented and enjoyed as a tangible reminder. 

We’ve teamed up with the photography experts at Ted’s Cameras to give you the rundown on three creative ways to display your wedding photos in your home. 

Stretched Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are a fantastic, budget-friendly way to turn your wedding photography into stylish pieces of wall art. They’re available in a wide range of sizes at most print shops, and retain the detail of your images well. As a bonus, stretched canvas prints are lightweight and typically come ready to hang — the hardest part will be finding the perfect place to display it!

Framed Poster Prints

Once you’ve chosen the wedding photos that will take pride of place in your home, add the perfect finishing touch by framing them properly. Look for frames that suit both the colours and style of the photos and the decor of the space. Lighter coloured frames generally have a casual feel, while darker frames are best for more formal presentation. Adding a mat board between your photograph and the glass can add a touch of professionalism and prevent it from becoming damaged over time.

Photo Books

While there’s nothing wrong with keeping a digital album, printed wedding photo books are one of the best ways to display your memories in a compact, contemporary form. There’s something undeniably special about flipping through the pages of your photo book with your loved ones, and it’s a great alternative to simply allowing your wedding photos to sit around on a memory card.

Whether you’re curating a collection of professional images or fun instant photos captured by your guests, we recommend paying attention to three key elements: images, paper and details.

1. Images

In order to paint a vivid picture of your big day, you’ll need to decide which images to use and the order in which to present them. Our top tips are:

  • Only choose the best images
  • Don’t use too many similar images
  • Look for images that evoke emotion and tell a story
  • Arrange your images chronologically

2. Paper

While the stock-standard paper in your home printer is good enough for most documents, it’s not ideal for bringing out the various tones, colours and details of your photos. It’s also generally quite thin, meaning it will age quickly as you flip through your book over the years.

When choosing paper for your wedding photo book, look for thicker paper stock which will take the quality of this keepsake to the next level. Also consider factors such as the base tone of your paper and whether or not you want a textured finish.

3. Details

Finally, think about whether you would like to include text alongside your photos. Whether this takes the form of short captions or longer anecdotes, sharing your wedding day reflections in your photo book makes for an extra personal touch that will be appreciated by future generations.

Turn Moments into Memories

If you’ve spent months or even years planning your wedding, it’s only natural to want to relive the joy of your big day. Whether it’s an artwork for your wall or a book for your coffee table, looking at your favourite wedding photos will take you back to this special time. 

Thanks to Ted’s Cameras for sharing their expertise with us! As photography specialists, they offer cameras, accessories and printing services to help you document and display life’s most important moments. 

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