5 Ways A Wedding Website Saves You Guest List Stress

5 Ways A Wedding Website Saves You Guest List Stress

A wedding website isn’t just a repeat of your wedding invitation – it’s a practical planning tool you need in your soon-to-be-wed life! From tracking RSVPs to answering FAQs, wedding websites help you share essential information, manage your plans and communicate with your guests all in one place. In short, it’s the best way to tell everyone how your wedding’s going down without having to field a million messages. 

Today our guest author Joy is sharing the top ways a wedding website can save you guest list stress. Because we’d all rather spend that time on the fun bits of being engaged, right? 

Editor’s Note: Joy has recently added a raft of free features to help you stay connected with loved ones near and far during this difficult time. This includes the ability to live stream your wedding, share photos in real time and send unlimited messages to your guests. For more information, read their update on managing your wedding plans during the coronavirus outbreak

1. If organizing your wedding invitations feels like mission impossible…

Let’s face it, guest lists can be messy! Between compiling lists of loved ones for yourself and your partner and finalizing invitations for each wedding event, details can get lost in translation. Spare yourself the headache of miscounting with a wedding website that features a guest list manager. You’ll be able to view and edit your master wedding list; create sub-lists for each wedding event; group guests into households to keep track of couples and families; and even assign and limit plus ones so there are no embarrassing oversights.

If you’ve already started your guest list in a spreadsheet, don’t worry! You can easily import it into a guest list manager and just as easily export it again whenever you need to send updated headcounts to your wedding vendors. 

5 Ways A Wedding Website Saves You Guest List Stress

2. If you need a better way to manage your wedding RSVPs…

Digital RSVPs make it easy for your family and friends to reply to invitations and their responses will automatically update within your guest list. This means you’ll always have the latest headcounts without manual tallying. What a time saver! It will also save you the expense of physical response cards and postage. You can see at a glance who is attending, who can’t make it, and who has yet to reply. 

An online RSVP system also allows you to ask more questions for each celebratory event you’re planning. We’re talking meal selections, music preferences, transport and accommodation needs. Receiving all of this information upfront saves endless calls and texts and makes it super simple to update your vendors. You’ll be able to send the list of dietary requirements straight to your wedding caterer and song requests to your DJ. 

5 Ways A Wedding Website Saves You Guest List Stress

3. If you have 1001 wedding details to share with your guests…

Your wedding guests are going to have questions, guaranteed. So the more detailed you make your wedding website, the more time you’ll save yourself by not having to answer so many questions individually. 

You can create a Q&A to inform your guests of big day details like your dress code, gift registry, schedule of events and whether you’re planning an adults only wedding or unplugged ceremony. This should mean fewer awkward conversations for everyone, because navigating wedding etiquette is already tricky enough! 

5 Ways A Wedding Website Saves You Guest List Stress

4. If you’re gathering wedding guests from far and wide…

Starting to feel less like a nearlywed and more like a travel agent? Whether your guests are from out of town or your venue is difficult to find, a travel tips section on your wedding website will be invaluable. This is where you can give your guests all the intel on flights, room blocks, transport options, parking instructions and anything else they need for a smooth arrival at your wedding location. 

Many wedding websites also offer maps and ridesharing integrations, so your guests can get driving directions or order a ride to your wedding venue with a tap. This ensures they’ll be firmly planted in their seats by the time you cue up Canon in D! 

5 Ways A Wedding Website Saves You Guest List Stress

5. If you need a simple way to keep your wedding guests in the loop…

There’s always the chance of a last minute change of wedding plans. Rather than playing a game of telephone with your guests or spending precious time you don’t have trying to text everyone, you can easily communicate updates through your wedding website. 

This can include details of schedule changes, wet weather plans and any other important announcements you might need to share. Not only will you be able to instantly notify your entire guest list or a select group at the click of a button, but they’ll know your wedding website is the best place to get information straight from the source – meaning less time spent answering the wedding hotline!

5 Ways A Wedding Website Saves You Guest List Stress

Thanks to Joy for sharing these great tips with us! Their free wedding websites help you streamline your wedding planning and stay organized so there’s more time to enjoy your engagement. 

5 Ways A Wedding Website Saves You Guest List Stress

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