From a million wedding ideas to one!

Modern romantic wedding reception styling in burgundy, pink and gold | Nattnee Photography

With our venue confirmed, it was time to start thinking about how our wedding would look and feel! You’d think I’d have a Pinterest board ready and waiting for the moment a ring hit my finger, but I hated the idea of having everything planned out only to *insert groom* when the time came. 

The closest I’d gotten to a plan without a man was when a fellow blogger asked me to share my dream wedding a few years ago. While there were some similarities to the real deal, it will always be different to sitting down with your partner, talking about what’s important to each of you and looking at what’s possible in the location you’re getting married. Even though being involved in the styling wasn’t a priority for M, it was still great to hear what he pictured for our day.

I see so many beautiful weddings as part of my job, it took a little while to work out the difference between what I liked and what I actually wanted to do. I knew our personal style was a mix of modern, romantic and vintage, but exactly how that translated into a concept for our wedding was what we had to figure out.

My Wedding Planning Story: The Vision

We wanted to give our suppliers some creative freedom, so our concept started with colours! I spent a lot of time tossing up between beautiful brights and moody hues, but as my former dream wedding concept will confirm, I’ve always been drawn to jewel tones and gold accents. This also made perfect sense for a winter celebration.

With our colours set, we looked to our venue for the rest of our inspiration. One unique advantage to five years of publishing weddings is the library of ideas I can instantly call to mind! Large open space? Tall centrepieces always look amazing. Huge fireplace? That’s begging for masses of flowers. Overhead beams? Perfect for suspending things! Shelving? A natural home for family wedding photos.

My Wedding Planning Story: The Vision

So, what’s the vision?

You enter through glass doors into a large industrial space, with whitewashed walls, concrete floors and steel beams overhead. To your left is the bar, to the right an acoustic duo filling the room with their sound. Ahead you see two long white tables dressed with tall gold towers and footed vases teeming with florals and clusters of candlelight. You make your way down what will soon be the aisle, passing beneath a canopy of blooms and festoons to reach the focal point of the room – a fireplace adorned with exquisite florals, framed by white benches and pillar candles.

Of course I wanted to share all of this with you before the wedding but our five month timeframe was no joke! I’m thrilled to be able to say this vision absolutely became a reality. When I look back on our day, I feel so proud of the concept we created and cherish the memories of working together with our family and friends to make it happen.

Here’s a sneak peek of the final product. I can’t wait to share the full story with you in our next online magazine!

Talk soon,

P.S. If you need some help finding your wedding style, why not take our quiz?

Modern romantic wedding reception styling in burgundy, pink and gold | Nattnee Photography

Reception: Nattnee Photography | Floral Arrangement: Sami Jo Photography | Tabletop Decor: Julie Wilhite via Ruffled

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