Five unique keepsakes from my wedding day

Vintage inspired pewter pocket watch with gold visible movement as a wedding keepsake for the groom | Nattnee Photography

A keepsake captures a moment, recalls a memory and draws a smile. There are so many things you can keep from your wedding – I’m a sentimental person, but not a huge fan of having a box full of things tucked away. Here are five unique mementos M and I knew we would use and enjoy long after the last piece of wedding cake was devoured! 

1. A personalised artwork

It’s a special thing to have an artwork created to represent who you are and what you love, and I couldn’t wait to collaborate with Danielle of Lindqvist Ink on a custom invitation suite for our day.

Working with our jewel toned palette and romantic wedding style, she painted a stunning floral arrangement featuring a number of personal details, like tulips and silver fern as a nod to our Dutch and Kiwi heritage.

Custom floral wedding stationery artwork in jewel tones | Lindqvist Ink

Whilst this was just the starting point for our wedding stationery design, it deserved a more permanent place in our home after the wedding as a framed print. Whenever I look at it, I remember the excitement of our guests as they received their invitation and the anticipation of the party to come.

2. A signature scent

I wanted to choose a new perfume to wear for the first time on my wedding day, so I searched for something modern and elegant that would also be a beautiful addition to my dressing table!

Bride in beaded ivory wedding dress spraying signature perfume | Nattnee Photography

With notes of orange blossom and white musk, Le Parfum in White from Elie Saab hit the brief. While it doesn’t trigger a specific memory (I’ve used it way too much for that!), I think of all our wonderful wedding and honeymoon experiences each time I spritz this delightful scent.

M chose The Tragedy of Lord George from Penhaligon’s as his signature cologne for the day, which features brandy and woody notes in a distinctive stag head bottle.

Groom accessories on wedding day including black leather shoes, cologne, tie and pocket watch | Nattnee Photography

3. A wedding dress portrait

Many brides dutifully pack up their wedding gowns once the day is done, but I struggled with the thought of storing away this treasured garment so quickly and permanently.

Meg Cowell’s enchanting wedding dress photography was the answer I’d been looking for. I’d never seen anything like her work before and relished the idea of having a contemporary artist capture the detail and character of my gown.

For me, the process was simple – I mailed my dress to her studio in Melbourne, sent through some wedding photos and eagerly awaited the finished piece. For Meg, it was a rather different story involving a 1000 litre pool, swathes of black fabric and scaffolding!

Once she was done shooting, my gown was returned in perfect condition along with this spectacular portrait. I just love how the light plays off the pearlescent beading of my dress as it dances through the water and can’t wait to display this striking large-scale artwork in our home.

Enchanting wedding dress portrait photography | Meg Cowell

4. A handmade ring box

When he proposed, M presented my engagement ring in a beautiful velvet box from Amonie. I loved the idea of adding another to my collection that would hold our rings for the ceremony and match our wedding colours. This boîte à bijoux is now sitting pretty on my bedside table and travels whenever I do so I can never misplace my precious jewellery!

Jewel toned wedding invitation stationery flat lay with floral illustration, navy envelopes, perfume bottle and velvet ring box | Nattnee Photography

5. An acoustic wedding song cover

Live music was the perfect choice for the relaxed atmosphere we wanted at our wedding. The only downside? It’s almost impossible to recreate a one-night-only performance!

Sydney Acoustic Duo‘s professional song recordings gave us an opportunity to relive what each important moment of our day sounded like. We chose “That’s All” by Nat King Cole for the processional and “Little Wonders” by Rob Thomas for our first dance and were excited to hear their stripped-back versions.

When I listen to the recordings, I’m instantly taken back to the walk down the aisle and the time M and I spent practising our first dance together. While these songs weren’t part of our story before, they hold so much personal meaning now. The best part is, we get to enjoy them every time we watch our wedding film by Heart And The Sea.

Photography: Nattnee Photography

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