Wedding Guest Challenges

Birds of a Feather via Green Wedding Shoes

There are some aspects of wedding planning that get everyone’s stress levels rising! Save on the anxiety with our guide to navigating the trickiest planning challenges.

1. Guest List

Different budgets, expectations and family dynamics make the guest list one of the most difficult things to decide for your wedding. While there’s no hard and fast rule, simplify the process by first writing a list of everyone you would like to attend if money was no object. If this number doesn’t align with your budget, you can reconsider where funds have been allocated or ask questions such as:

  • Will your co-workers be part of your lives long term?
  • Is it necessary to include all of your friends’ children or second cousins?
  • Do you need to invite the partners of your group of school friends?

Applying reasonable filters and discussing what is and isn’t important to you will help refine your guest list to a manageable level. If your parents would like to invite extra guests, ask them why so you have an understanding of the reasoning behind their request before making a decision. If cost is an issue, it’s okay to ask if they would be able to pay for their additional guests.

2. Seating Plan

As soon as the guest list is sorted, the seating plan often becomes the next challenge! From managing the intricacies of family relationships to inviting a group of friends that doesn’t neatly fill a table, it can be tricky to find the perfect fit to ensure a good time for all of your guests. As a general rule, divide groups by relationships, interests and age for small children, and try to seat everyone with at least one other couple they know. Your venue coordinator may also be able to offer alternatives regarding table size, shape, placement or bridal party seating if needed.

3. Opinions

Whether it’s the guest list, ceremony location or colour scheme, other people’s opinions can range from worth considering to completely overwhelming! Combining two families with different traditions and beliefs can lead to some interesting discussions, and whilst the final decisions are yours, consider compromising where you really don’t mind and keeping a united front when you do.

4. RSVPs

Even though RSVP is code for ‘please respond’, people can be casual or forgetful about answering invitations. Sadly there’s no way to guarantee replies by the deadline, so give yourselves some breathing room between the RSVP date and final confirmation of catering numbers, stay calm and start making those calls.

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Photography: Birds of a Feather via Green Wedding Shoes

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