10 Things to Do on Your Wedding Morning

Things to do on Your Wedding Morning

Those first few hours of your wedding day can turn from fabulous to frazzled in a hot second without a little planning! Here are ten things to do on your wedding morning so you and your bridesmaids stay relaxed and ready to party. 

Fun bride and bridesmaid slumber party photo idea | Chen Sands Photography via The Wedding Scoop

1. Book accommodation to enjoy with your girls the night before. It’s the perfect excuse for a slumber party, makes morning prep easier and serves as a great backdrop for your getting ready photos.

2. Take time to breathe and centre yourself with an early morning meditation or yoga session. It’s not uncommon to feel all kinds of butterflies in the lead up to your walk down the aisle!

Elegant mismatched pink sparkly bridesmaid dresses | Amy & Jordan Photography via Style Me Pretty

3. Create a playlist that reminds you of the fun times you’ve shared with your friends. Pumping the music while you’re getting ready will only add to the excitement of the day!

4. Kick off the celebrations with a pop, fizz and clink! Consider planning a mimosa bar filled with chilled juices and champagne.

Bride with bridesmaids in pretty pink floral getting ready robes | Kati Mallory via Southern Weddings

5. Lay out your details ready for your photographer to capture, including your dress, jewellery, shoes, perfume and a copy of your invitation.

6. Decide when to give any gifts, whether they’re something to present first thing in the morning or when everyone is dressed and ready.

Beautiful bridesmaid gift boxes with getting ready robes | Guy Evans Photography via Ivory Tribe

7. Enjoy being pampered by your hair and makeup artists. Whether you’re visiting a salon or booking a mobile service, soak up the VIP experience!

8. Eat something even though you may not feel like it – the hours will slip by and the last thing you’ll want during your ceremony is a rumbling stomach! A platter featuring light and easy-to-eat snacks like yoghurt, fruit and finger sandwiches is a great option.

Elegant bride getting dressed with bridesmaids photo idea | Jana Williams

9. Allow time for professional photos with your bridal party before the ceremony. Your hair, makeup and flowers will all be at their best early in the day.

10. Leave any last minute logistics to an on the day coordinator so you and your loved ones can stay focused on all the good stuff!

Neutral mismatched bridesmaid dresses | Taylor Lord

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Things to do on Your Wedding Morning