How to Book the Best Entertainment for Your Wedding

Wedding Entertainment Booking Tips | Tealily Photography

There’s no worse atmosphere killer than an artist who isn’t hitting the right note with your guests. After all, these are the people who’ll make sure the party gets started – and keep it going! Today, Josephine Ison from Event Entertainers is sharing her top tips on what to ask, organise and expect from your wedding entertainment so you’re only booking the best.

Wedding Entertainment Booking Tips | Julia Trotti

What should we be looking for?

Find an artist who wants your business and is wedding-savvy. It’s not necessarily a bad thing if they don’t play pubs or bars! Artists who regularly perform at weddings have a broad repertoire of music to choose from and experience managing the unexpected (like the time the bride’s uncle wanted to deliver his best rendition of *insert bad karaoke song here*).

Wedding Entertainment Booking Tips | Julia Trotti

What does an entertainment agency offer?

My hairdresser and her fiancée booked a talented musician they saw performing at their local pub, but became concerned when they hadn’t asked for a deposit or sent a formal agreement. This led to unnecessary stress as to whether the artist would show up at all!

Going through an agency which specialises in matching couples with their entertainment provides peace of mind and ensures a proper business transaction takes place so you and your money are protected.

Wedding Entertainment Booking Tips | White Lane Studio

What should our artist provide?

They should take care of the following:

Public Liability Insurance – This ensures all artists are covered in case of injury to themselves, and covers anyone who might trip over the equipment while shaking their groove thing (it happens!).

Cancellation terms – If the front-man of your wedding band falls ill and can’t perform, the artist or agency should supply you with a suitable replacement.

Sound and lighting equipment – You should have complimentary access to a wireless microphone for speeches and lighting to set the mood.

Personal touches – Dedicated wedding artists will be happy to learn your special song choices, ensure they look the part, and above all, sound professional and amazing on the day!

Wedding Entertainment Booking Tips | Sarkodie Photography

What does our artist need from us?

Share some details about yourselves and your wedding plans, as well as the general demographic of your guests and their musical tastes. This will help with establishing the overall vibe across different parts of your day. Giving your artist your song selections a few weeks prior to the wedding allows them ample time to rehearse and make them sound incredible!

They will also likely be at your venue long before and after the celebrations, so don’t forget to feed them and give them a place to rest between sets.

Wedding Entertainment Booking Tips | Cavanagh Photography

Is there anything we need to do on the day?

On the day, leave it to the experts to deliver what you’ve paid them to do. Your band should be able to read the crowd and their taste and what’s needed to get the dance floor moving. They may make it look easy, but that’s because they live and breathe it! A dedicated wedding artist or agency will go the extra mile to ensure everything is organised and the artist’s performance is their best.

Wedding Entertainment Booking Tips | Cavanagh Photography

Thanks so much to Josephine for sharing these great tips! Event Entertainers is a boutique collective of musicians who play weddings across Australia, and all of the artists pictured here can be booked through their agency.

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