5 Biggest Wedding Dress Shopping Myths Busted

5 Biggest Wedding Dress Shopping Myths Busted

There’s a whole change room full of misconceptions about finding ‘The One’ (wedding dress, that is). Today we’re pulling back the curtain and sharing what’s real and what’s not!

Do I need to cry to know I’ve found the right dress? Does it have to match the style of my wedding? How many dresses should I look at before I choose? Let’s get to busting five of the biggest wedding dress shopping myths!

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5 Biggest Wedding Dress Shopping Myths Busted

1. You shouldn’t purchase your wedding dress online

It’s easy to be skeptical about shopping online when you see brides receiving the exact opposite of a special delivery. Instead of their dream dress arriving on their doorstep, their bargain buy is flimsier than the toilet paper used in that bridal shower game!

While there are some dodgy online retailers out there committing regular crimes against fashion, there are also many reputable bridal designers running digital boutiques. Labels like Lilly Bridal are dressing brides around the world in a stunning collection of affordable styles.

By doing your research, reading reviews and asking any questions before you commit, you won’t have to compromise on the look or the compliments!

5 Biggest Wedding Dress Shopping Myths Busted

2. You must match your dress to the style of your wedding

There’s this idea that you shouldn’t get too dolled up if you’re planning a casual celebration, or that anything less than 50 layers of tulle is a bit underdone for a formal affair.

People will also be quick to tell you what you should and shouldn’t wear depending on the season and setting of your wedding. We say ditch the dress code and wear whatever you want! Long sleeves in summer? Now that’s a showstopper. A train on the beach? What a way to make an entrance!

If tropical humidity or sub-zero temperatures are on the cards, that should certainly be factored into your decision. But it still comes down to how comfortable and beautiful you feel in the dress you choose, not what other people expect you to wear.

What’s that quote from Oscar Wilde? “You can never be overdressed.”

5 Biggest Wedding Dress Shopping Myths Busted

3. You can’t choose a dress until you’ve looked at every option

“What if?” might not be the best question to ask! There will always be another style you haven’t seen yet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a better option. Just ask anyone who’s fallen into an endless cycle of searching. They’re the ones constantly questioning their choices and quizzing everyone on what they think of their latest finds! They’re often so overwhelmed, they’re not sure what they like anymore.

Your wedding dress shopping experience doesn’t have to be an epic adventure. Sometimes you really do get lucky and fall in love at first sight! There’s a big difference between a quick choice and a rushed one.

5 Biggest Wedding Dress Shopping Myths Busted

4. You need to get everyone’s approval before you buy

We all hope that our entourage will be just as excited as we are when we show them our favourite look. But there might be one shoulder-shrugger whose lukewarm response makes you start to second guess your choice. These are the people whose judgement you’ve always trusted and whose opinions count the most!

The reality is, everyone has different ideas and tastes and it can be tricky to get them all to agree. While it’s great to have their help to narrow down the options, the final decision doesn’t have to be unanimous to be the right one. The most important vote is yours!

5 Biggest Wedding Dress Shopping Myths Busted

5. You haven’t found ‘The One’ unless you cry

According to all those episodes of Say Yes to the Dress we’ve been bingeing, tears are an essential part of the process. Stick a veil on your head and a bouquet in your hands and the floodgates will open when the dress is right…right?

But not everyone has that kind of reaction. Maybe you can picture yourself walking down the aisle even without the waterworks. There’s definitely no one-size-fits-all for this experience. Just because you’re not welling up, doesn’t mean the wedding dress you love isn’t the best choice!

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5 Biggest Wedding Dress Shopping Myths Busted

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