10 Tips for Rocking Any Wedding DIY Project

Wedding DIY Tips | Ribbon Hinged Sign via Something Turquoise

Whether you’re an experienced glue gunner or cardstock novice, here are our quick tips on reducing stress and increasing success for any wedding DIY project you set your heart on! Plus, we’ve included some of our favourite DIY tutorials, like these ribbon-hinged signs from Something Turquoise. 

Wedding DIY Tips | Fringe Backdrop via Ruffled
Colourful Fringe Backdrop via Ruffled

1. Prioritise
– Before you start creating, figure out the personal value of each project. If you run out of time (or budget), you’ll have hit the most important ones first!

2. Sample it – Complete a mock up first to iron out any design bugs. This will also help you figure out a process which you can show others who are helping you, and give a better end result.

Wedding DIY Tips | Watercolour Escort Cards via OnceWed
Watercolour Escort Cards via OnceWed

3. Bulk buy
– After you’ve decided on the final look, purchase everything in bulk. Why? It’s more cost effective, product may become unavailable and colour variations can occur in different batches of the same product type.

4. Time it – Will enjoyment outweigh the time you’ll need to spend? If it’s going to take you 40 hours but you know you’ll have fun, then it’s worth doing! No DIY project should make you wish for death by paper cut.

Wedding DIY Tips | Gold Painted Vases via Style Me Pretty
Gold Painted Vases via Style Me Pretty

5. Simplify 
– Shortcutting is not cheating! Where you can make your life easier and your project simpler, do.

6. Add it up – Ah, the math no one enjoys – how much will multiple of this cost? If you’re happy with the look but it’s working out way too expensive, consider what makes the most impact in your design – there’ll always be something you can substitute.

Wedding DIY Tips | Potted Herb Favours via Ruffled
Potted Herb Favours via Ruffled

7. More is more
 – When it comes to materials, that is! Always purchase more than you need – some experimentation (and the occasional error) is inevitable. Investing in that extra 10% makes it easy to start again without worrying about running out of supplies.

8. Get equipped – Make your job easier by working with good quality tools and be resourceful if it’s unlikely you’ll use them again – does a relative or friend have what you need?

Wedding DIY Tips | Indigo Dyed Fabric via Green Wedding Shoes
Indigo Dyed Fabric via Green Wedding Shoes

9. Tag team
 – Sometimes project ideas just don’t work out or you need a little extra help, so chalk it up to experience and call in the experts!

10. Don’t stress – No mistake is the end of the world! Step back and think about things objectively – most can be fixed with a little creativity and only you know what it was meant to look like. Just remember, it’s called D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) not D.I.P. (Do It Perfectly)!

Wedding DIY Tips | Chocolate Bark Favours via Something Turquoise
Chocolate Bark Favours via Something Turquoise

Wedding DIY Tips

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