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Once the vows have been exchanged and congratulations shared, everyone is looking forward to celebrating with you! But first there’s a photo shoot to enjoy, which usually means some wait time for your guests between the ceremony and reception. Read on to find out how to get your party started as soon as possible and keep your family and friends happy in the meantime!

How can we keep our guests entertained?

Everyone understands that photos take time, so hosting a cocktail hour is a great way to entertain your guests. Depending on the time of day and style of reception, light finger food and refreshments are usually served while guests await your arrival. You can add a personal touch by offering a signature cocktail and build atmosphere with some background music.

As not everyone will know each other, putting together a “Who’s Who” of your wedding party or even your entire guest list is a great ice breaker. Include a photo and fun fact for each of your friends and relatives to get people talking!

How can we shorten the time away from our guests?

Spending some extra time with friends and family post-ceremony is as much fun as striking a pose with your bridal party and enjoying a quiet moment with your partner before the reception kicks off. For the best of both worlds, try to take as many photos pre-ceremony as possible. Consult with your photographer about your options and consider whether you want to share a ‘first look’ with your partner before walking down the aisle.

Keep distance in mind when scouting photo locations as minimising travel time is an easy way to reduce the wait for your guests. Ask your photographer for their suggestions as they will also take into account things like available light and ease of access. Booking a venue that can host your ceremony, reception and photo shoot is also a great way to simplify your schedule!

Family group shots can take extra time when guests have to be rounded up. Make a note in your order of ceremony or ask your celebrant to say a few words if your photos include guests other than the bridal party. Enlist a helping hand for a smooth transition between portraits and you may even have time for a pre-dinner drink with your guests!

Some wait time for guests is inevitable post-ceremony, but consider these tips and they will be happy to mingle while you and you partner enjoy your moment in front of the camera.

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