14 Ways to Announce an Unplugged Wedding

Ways to Announce an Unplugged Wedding

There was a time when only Uncle Harry and his camera wandered into frame at your wedding ceremony – now even Grandma’s whipping out her tablet for your walk down the aisle! Some couples are happy for their guests to snap and share as they please, but what if the paparazzi experience isn’t your style?

Here are 14 unplugged wedding wording ideas to suit every type of celebration. Display at the entrance to your venue, include in your program or ask your officiant to say a few words before your ceremony begins!

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Professional Photography

“Welcome family and friends! We’ve hired a photographer to capture how this moment looks with their camera, so you can capture how it feels with your hearts.”

“We’ve asked a professional photographer to capture this special moment so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy it with us. Our beautiful images will be available after the wedding.”

“There’s a pro here taking pictures – we asked them to come. Please rest your cameras as our ceremony only needs one!”

“As we tie the knot, please be our guest. Our photographer will take care of the rest!”

Unplugged Wedding Ceremony Sign | Jonas Peterson

In the Moment

“Welcome to our unplugged wedding. We invite you to be fully present with us during our ceremony, so please turn off all phones and cameras. Thank you!”

“The bride and groom kindly request an unplugged ceremony. Please turn off all devices and enjoy being fully present in this moment with us.”

“The greatest gift you can give us today is to be truly present, so please turn off all phones and cameras and enjoy this special moment with us. “

Unplugged Wedding Ceremony Sign | Brittany Barclay

Sea of Smiles

“The bride and groom request the joyful sight of your smiles, without the distraction of electronic devices.”

“Please turn off your cameras and devices until after the ceremony. We want to see your lovely faces and happy smiles!”

“Please switch off your devices and stow them away, we’d love to see your smiles aiming our way.”

Unplugged Wedding Ceremony Sign | Leslie D Photography

Plugged-in Reception

“Please turn off all phones and cameras as we exchange our vows. Photos welcome at our plugged-in reception!”

“We’re so glad you’re here! Please stow away your phones and cameras until the reception. We promise to share the beautiful pictures taken today.”

“Please honour our wishes with no photos until we’re announced as Mr and Mrs!”

“Thank you for coming! We have but one plea. Please keep our ceremony camera-free. Though our I Do’s are unplugged, our reception is not. Once our vows are exchanged, you’re free to take a shot!”

Unplugged Wedding Ceremony Sign | Josh Elliott Photography via Southern California Bride

Photography: (1) Jonas Peterson | (2) Brittany Barclay Photography | (3) Leslie D Photography | (4) Josh Elliott Photography via Southern California Bride

Ways to Announce an Unplugged Wedding
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