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Upside Down Events | Sydney Wedding Planning & Styling

As a wedding stylist and planner that’s not afraid to break the rules, Upside Down Events specialises in imaginative events with a twist. Want your wedding to showcase who you are and what you love? Sydney-based creator Lilac Zhang was born to tell personal stories with one-of-a-kind celebrations. She’ll bring artistic and playful ideas beyond the conventional to make sure your big day is anything but ordinary! 

Upside Down Events | Sydney Wedding Planning & Styling

What should couples keep in mind when styling their wedding?

Hire a wedding stylist whose style you love, show them your vision and then let them be creative and do their thing. We’ve got the experience to know what works, what doesn’t and where to get the right pieces. We also know the right vendors for the style and budget we’re working with.

What would you love every couple to know about wedding stylists?

Having a stylist is invaluable for creating a unique experience for both the couple and their guests. We believe every wedding should be a visual story that celebrates exactly who couples are and their journey together, all while showing off just that little bit.

What are couples surprised to learn about what you do?

Our job is physically demanding. It’s 5am starts and 3am finishes. It’s working in 40 degree heat, the pouring rain and everything in between. Cuts, bruises and sunburn are part of the job but there’s nothing else we’d rather do!

What’s one popular question you’re asked?

Q: What’s your signature style?

A: Artistic, eclectic, imaginative, modern, immersive

What’s the biggest mistake couples can make when styling their wedding?

Thinking they need to do what everybody else is doing. It’s not just about replicating what they’ve seen on Instagram, but creating a personal experience that’s interactive and engaging.

How do you create a great experience for your couples?

We encourage our couples to be different and we aren’t afraid of pushing the boundaries. After all, the best things seem to happen when you take risks (don’t worry, we’re very good at what we do!).

What do your couples say they love most about what you do?

Our ability to take the pressure off them and let them truly enjoy the wedding planning process and their big day.

What’s one wedding idea you’ve seen and loved?

Interactive photo booth installations are the bomb – it’s all about the fun!

What’s your best advice for couples planning their wedding right now?

1. Hire some professional help! We’re here to make things beautiful and run as smoothly as possible so you can stress less and enjoy more.

2. Do what feels right. If you want to wear a black dress on your wedding day, then go for it. Don’t just follow rules or traditions if they don’t sit right with you.

3. Feed your vendors. Because a well-fed photographer is a good photographer!

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