12 Ways to Deal With Unsolicited Wedding Advice

12 Ways to Dodge Wedding Advice You Don’t Want

Does this sound familiar?

“Are you sure that’s the best idea? It would be so much better if you did this. I did this and everyone loved it!”

Receiving unsolicited advice for every wedding detail, no matter how well meaning, can make you want to flee the building! If only there was some kind of fire escape from the relentless questions and suggestions.

A few little white lies may be needed when you’re planning a big white wedding, especially if you’re trying to avoid hurt feelings. So here are 12 creative ways to say, “Thanks, but no thanks”. Give one of these a whirl next time you’re backed into a conversational corner and looking for your nearest exit!

1. Play it vague. “I’m not quite sure what we’re doing for that.”

2. Be non-committal. “We haven’t made any decisions on that yet.”

3. Keep it secret. “I can’t say too much, we want to keep that a surprise!”

4. ‘Consider’ it. “Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll look into it.”

5. Have other plans. “I like that idea, but we’ve already got other plans.”

6. Defer to the experts. “Our suppliers recommended we do it this way, so we figured we’d trust their expertise!”

7. Switch it up. “Thanks for the offer, but maybe you can help us with this instead?”

8. Change the subject. “Well that’s enough wedding talk! How have things been going for you?”

9. Shut it down. “So sorry, I’ve got to get back to (whatever I was doing)!”

10. Straight up. “That’s not really our style.”

11. Stand your ground. “I understand where you’re coming from, but this is really important to us.”

12. Skip the subtlety. “What a great idea! We’ll definitely have to do that next time.”

12 Ways to Dodge Wedding Advice You Don’t Want

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