The Ultimate Guide to Bridesmaid Hair and Makeup

So it’s time to decide on a hair and makeup look for your bridal party – but with so many gorgeous ideas out there, where do you even start? And, once you’ve settled on a style, how do you guarantee stress-free wedding prep? Together with Julie Bryan of Sapphire Makeup and Hair Creations, we share tips for finding the perfect style and a bridesmaid beauty timeline containing everything you need to be aisle ready.

Choosing a Hair & Makeup Style

1. The wedding theme and location are key. If the wedding is formal and the dresses are full length, tie in more structured and elegant hairstyles and makeup, generally with bolder lip colours.

2. If the wedding is outdoors, the weather plays a huge part in hair and makeup decisions. If it’s an extremely hot day, a bride may opt for updos instead of hair down over the shoulders. Beach weddings tend to attract more simple and natural makeup and hair styles.

3. Consider colour themes, flowers and accessories, as they all need to work together with your hair and makeup to create a cohesive look. Lip colour can often be matched perfectly to signature bouquet blooms, and statement earrings or an ornate headpiece can take centre stage with a thoughtfully planned hairstyle.

4. The neckline of a dress also plays a part in the hair decision. For example, if there is a very high neckline or detailed bodice, sometimes a low curled hairstyle can create too much ‘clutter’ around the nape of the neck.

5. What time of day is the wedding and photo session? We recommend a light and fresh look for a morning ceremony and slightly heavier, particularly eye makeup, for late afternoon and evening.

6. Just as you can have mismatched dresses, each of your bridesmaids can be styled slightly differently within the same general theme to best suit their unique hair type and skin tone.

7. Save reference images from Pinterest of hair and makeup styles you like. You can check out our Hair & Makeup and Bridesmaids boards as a starting point!


The Bridesmaid Beauty Timeline

Throughout the Wedding Planning
Keep skin well hydrated with a good diet, combined with good quality facial moisturisers and exfoliants. Most importantly, be in tune with your skin type and let your artist know if you are prone to any allergic reactions. Your hair and makeup artists are only as good as the canvas they have to work with, so by keeping your hair nourished with deep conditioning treatments and your skin hydrated with quality products, you’ll achieve the best results!

5 Days Before
Have all haircuts, colours or foils, facials and waxing completed at least 5 days before the day, to let everything settle. You don’t want to see a colour stain on a bridesmaid’s forehead – it happens more often than you think!

2-3 Days Before
Spray tans should be applied about 2-3 days out from the day. We always suggest that everyone have a trial tan before any event and to only have a trusted professional apply it. Also, keep out of the sun leading up to the day, so no tan lines form from sunburn.

The Night Before
Ensure all dresses are hung up, shoes, accessories, perfumes, underwear, clutches are laid out or packed the night before, including all makeup touch ups. This will help make sure there’s no last minute panic where important things are forgotten. Everyone in the bridal party should also have their hair washed and dried naturally the night before, unless the hairdresser has advised otherwise.

The Morning Of
Follow a normal skin care regime that morning and have this already complete before the hair and makeup artists arrive. Have a full breakfast before beginning and have teeth brushed before makeup application begins. A good night’s sleep is key for not only the bride but the whole bridal party for a relaxed morning, as well as keeping well hydrated… preferably with water for the most part. Now you’re ready to enjoy this special day with bridesmaids who are glowing inside and out!

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