The Perfect Wedding Recipe


As soon as you’re engaged, it doesn’t take long for the wedding ideas (and opinions) to start pouring in from excited family and friends. It can quickly become a challenge to remember whether you’re booking that fire twirler in a people-pleasing moment or because it’s something you and your partner really want!

You can’t please everyone, but it is possible to find a balance between the day you want and one your guests will remember for all the right reasons. Here are the four ingredients you’ll need for the perfect wedding recipe.


Well-fed guests are happy guests, so getting quantities and flavours right is one of the foundations to a great night! Fortunately most reception caterers have perfected plated portions, but it’s always a little trickier to know how much to serve at cocktail functions. Consider incorporating some more substantial options like takeaway-style boxes of noodles, stir fries or pastas so that no one feels the need for a fast food fix on the way home.

As for the type of food you serve? Satisfy the majority of tastes by choosing some popular flavours, adding a few of your favourites and catering for any dietary requirements noted by guests on their RSVPs.


Too much alcohol and you may need blindfolds and earmuffs for the young and elderly, too little and you may not achieve the party atmosphere you are looking for! There are plenty of beverage service options to suit your budget and personal preferences, including set packages, a tab, open and cash bar. If guests will need to pay for any drinks, include this information on the invitation so there are no surprises. It’s also a good idea to have plenty of water available so your guests don’t dehydrate, and including some unique, non-alcoholic alternatives like a lemonade stand or signature mocktail is a great way to personalise your event!


Keeping family and friends comfortable come rain or shine is one of the easiest ways to ensure everyone has a good time! Having a Plan B in case of high winds or wet weather is worth the investment for peace of mind. If it’s cold, providing pashminas or blankets is a thoughtful gesture, and in warmer temperatures, choosing a venue with shade, providing parasols or fans will help guests beat the heat. Finally, organising extra umbrellas in case of rain will not only be appreciated, but will help your guests travel between locations more easily.


One of the most enjoyable things about gift giving is watching the recipient open it, but when it comes to wedding presents, many of your family and friends miss out on this experience. Even though sending thank you messages can be a daunting post-honeymoon task, it’s the only way guests can know that you have received and appreciated their gifts. Nothing says grateful more than a personalised, handwritten card!

Lighten the load by pre-addressing envelopes while working on your invitations, and if you have asked guests to contribute to a honeymoon wishing well, capture photos of your travels to include in each message. Alternatively, a photo from the wedding day is a nice touch.

As for everything else?

Well, that’s entirely up to you! Once you have the basics sorted, trust your instincts and be confident in your decisions when it comes to things like traditions, attire and styling. These choices should ultimately reflect who you are, rather than what others think you should do.

Photography: Ck Metro Photography

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