5 Surprising Things About Summer Weddings You Need to Know

5 Surprising Things About Summer Weddings You Need to Know

Summer means sublime natural surroundings, bold colours and balmy nights! While there are many good reasons to have a summer wedding, there are still a few ways the warmer months can put a dent in your party plans. Here are five surprising things you might not know about planning a summer celebration! 

1. Summer dates fill up fast.

If your heart is set on a particular venue or vendor, lock them in as early as possible! They can have more than one event booked per day during these busy months, so confirm whether you have exclusivity if that’s important to you.

2. Venues can be more expensive.

High demand can mean a higher minimum spend for your preferred venue. Book outside the peak period to potentially save a bundle! This can be as small a change as moving your wedding a week earlier. If weekdays are an option, you can take advantage of the long summer days without the premium price tag.

3. Good weather isn’t always guaranteed.

There’s nothing like a freak heat wave, extreme winds or summer storm to rain on your parade. Organise a bad weather backup for your ceremony and reception even if the statistics are in your favour!

4. You’ll need to tweak your timeline.

Morning weddings will start earlier in summer to avoid the soaring temperatures, and later sunsets will mean later ceremonies for evening celebrations. Your venue, photographer and wedding planner are the best people to speak to about your schedule as they’ll know how to make the most of this time of year.

5. The summer sizzle affects more than you think.

Shade, water and ventilation are a must for keeping your guests cool. But it’s not just your loved ones that feel the burn! Heat exhaustion is a real concern for celebrants and musicians who will be thankful for shelter from the searing sun. Fresh floral arrangements can start looking worse for wear before you’ve even said “I do”, so ask your florist for recommendations of hardier blooms. And food displays like cakes and grazing platters may need to be stored longer before unveiling!

5 Surprising Things About Summer Weddings You Need to Know

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