How to Plan Standout Wedding Styled Shoots That Wow Your Ideal Clients and Win Over Wedding Editors

Hands up if you want to be part of beautiful wedding styled shoots that build buzz for your business? 

Maybe you’ve never done a styled shoot before and want to get in on the action, but don’t want to look like a rookie. You love the idea of making new industry connections and filling your portfolio with work you’re proud of – you’re just not sure where to begin. 

→ What if we told you that you can lead a successful styled shoot without tons of experience? 

Or maybe you’ve been involved in styled shoots that missed the mark. Despite your best efforts and investment, things didn’t pan out how you expected and the results have left you disappointed. 

→ What if we told you it was possible to produce amazing styled shoots every time? 

Discover the secrets to wedding styled shoot success!

We’ve written The Styled Shoot Playbook to help you create shoots you’ll share again and again because they’re the perfect calling card for your business. 

  • Produce eye-catching visuals that make your dream clients stop and shop
  • Build your brand by getting featured in wedding publications the world is reading 
  • Expand your professional network and develop trusted relationships with your fellow creatives

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a photographer, videographer, venue manager, planner, stylist, florist, dress designer or hair and makeup artist…this e-book is for you!

Follow our step-by-step guide to planning wedding styled shoots that kick business goals.

The Styled Shoot Playbook gives you all the tools you need to come up with an original concept, form your collaborative A-team, coordinate a seamless shoot day and stand out in the submission pile. We’ve packed these insights into 42 pages of practical tips, templates, checklists and worksheets.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Find the perfect idea for your wedding styled shoot that will inspire couples and publishers alike 
  • Create an evocative mood board that clearly conveys your creative vision 
  • Source like-minded collaborators and make a great first impression with your styled shoot invitation
  • Lead a fun and focused creative process that harnesses the talents of the team
  • Cast the best models for your concept and style them in covetable looks from leading fashion designers 
  • Set a shoot day schedule that will ensure your collaboration runs like clockwork 
  • Tell a cohesive and compelling story throughout your styled shoot 
  • Determine which wedding publications are an ideal fit and make it easy for wedding editors to say “Yes!” to your submission
  • Promote your styled shoot feature for maximum marketing value

Take your wedding styled shoots from so-so to sensational!

Oh my goodness! The e-book is so incredibly thorough and helpful! It is beautifully laid out, wonderfully informative and a valuable resource for any creative getting involved in styled shoots.

– Mallory Sparkles Photography

This is a great idea and a much needed resource in our industry. People don’t realize how much goes into designing a shoot and I’ve been on the receiving end of some bad ones all because they weren’t constructed properly!

– Made To Match Events

The Styled Shoot Playbook is really informative and the illustrations are clean and beautiful. I loved reading it!

– Deezigner Images

I love your publication! It all makes huge sense, especially after working on lots of shoots.

– New England Flower Co

We’ve gone through the trial and error, so you don’t have to.

The Styled Shoot Playbook is the culmination of our experience as wedding publication editors and styled shoot coordinators. 

Having reviewed thousands of styled shoot submissions for The Wedding Playbook, we know what sets hearts aflutter for publishers. We’re often asked for feedback on submissions and have collated the advice we’ve shared over the years to help you plan shoots that get editors excited. 

We’ve also stepped out from behind the desk to collaborate with over 150 creatives on 20 styled shoot concepts. With each shoot, we reflected on what we could do better and refined our process until we were consistently seeing fantastic results. 

We’ve had the privilege of working with spectacular venues, super talented creatives and top designers including Grace Loves Lace, Made With Love Bridal, Daalarna, Watters, Karen Willis Holmes and Anna Campbell. 

Our shoots have been featured in international wedding publications such as 100 Layer Cake, The Perfect Palette and Modern Wedding – and there’s no reason why yours can’t be too!

Inspire desire with wedding styled shoots that work for your business. 

Styled shoots are an amazing creative outlet, networking opportunity and marketing tool. They’re the most fun you can have and still call it your day job!

Whether you’re nervous about planning your first shoot or want to avoid repeating the mistakes of past collaborations, The Styled Shoot Playbook is your roadmap to planning successful shoots that couples and editors will love. 

Purchase your digital copy today for only $35. 

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