10 Ways to Choose Between Wedding Dresses | Highlight Reel Productions

Top 10 Ways to Choose Between Wedding Dresses

Thought you’d found the wedding dress of your dreams, but now there’s another top contender that’s got you questioning everything you were sure of five minutes ago? I found myself in this exact situation during my own wedding dress shopping. Trying to pick between two exquisite styles that were almost complete opposites felt like an

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12 Ways to Dodge Wedding Advice You Don’t Want

12 Ways to Deal With Unsolicited Wedding Advice

Does this sound familiar? “Are you sure that’s the best idea? It would be so much better if you did this. I did this and everyone loved it!” Receiving unsolicited advice for every wedding detail, no matter how well meaning, can make you want to flee the building! If only there was some kind of

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3 Unique Benefits of a Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring | Clean Origin

3 Unique Benefits of a Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Ring

In your search for the perfect engagement ring, the usual questions come to mind. Solitaire or halo? Pear or princess? Now there’s another question to add to the list. Mined or lab-grown diamonds? We used to only focus on cut, colour, clarity and carat when choosing this sentimental stone, but now its origin has become

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Violet Sunset Wedding Inspiration | Photography: Joy Philippe Photography

Violet Sunset Wedding Inspiration

We’re loving the tropical sunset palette and modern bohemian vibe of this gorgeous wedding inspiration! Neutral pampas grass and dried palm fronds pair with raspberry pink roses, peach dahlias, dusty rose orchids and tangerine amaranthus for a sculptural ceremony arbour. Its striking circular shape carries through to ombre purple menus presented on sleek grey plateware

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Romantic European Inspired Wedding Ideas | Photography: Casey Jane Photography

Romantic European Inspired Wedding Ideas

Old world romance is captured in dreamy hues, antique details and statement gowns within the walls of a European-inspired wedding venue. A vintage sweetheart table hosts footed vases overflowing with blush and burgundy florals, trailing ivy and fresh clusters of grapes, cherries and blackberries. Blooming sugar flowers in wine, lilac and champagne tones cascade down

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5 Simple Ways to Have a More Sustainable Wedding | MiaDonna

5 Simple Ways to Have a More Sustainable Wedding

Good news lovers: it’s possible to have the wedding you want while still looking after this beautiful planet we call home! Planning a more sustainable wedding is as easy as doing a little more research, asking a few extra questions and making a difference with even the smallest changes. From your engagement ring to your

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Striking Black & Forest Green Wedding Inspiration

Striking Black, White & Forest Green Wedding Inspiration

Tayla and Dean’s wedding offers a darkly romantic twist on a timeless green and white palette with the addition of midnight black details. A burst of blooms accented with copper painted foliage and pinwheeling plumes enhances an intricately carved timber arbour for their ceremony. Dressed in a three-piece suit with green tweed jacket, Dean admires

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Top 10 Wedding Fears (And How to Overcome Them)

Top 10 Wedding Fears (And How to Overcome Them)

This is the stuff of nightmares, literally! Bad dreams about your worst wedding fears are all too common when you’re spending what feels like every waking minute contacting suppliers and coordinating seating plans. The good news is, you can do something about it! Here are ten wedding worries that can keep you up at night

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Dee & Lo’s Elegant Ballroom Wedding | Photography: Trish Woodford Photography

Dee & Lo’s Elegant Ballroom Wedding

Eleven years since their love story began as teenagers, Dee proposed to Lo in a beautiful garden setting to the soft strains of a string ensemble. This romantic experience was reflected in the details of their waterfront wedding ceremony, which featured a white acrylic runway for a showstopping entrance. A joint outfit change before their

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Modern Luxe Wedding Inspiration in Autumn Colours | Photography: Jason Soon Photography

Modern Luxe Wedding Inspiration in Autumn Colours

This contemporary wedding styling features a seasonal harvest of blooms! Set in a converted factory with rich timber floors and exposed beams, a gilded frame adorned with spectacular clusters of roses and bougainvillea sits pretty for the ceremony. Minimalist acrylic signage welcomes guests to the celebration as the bride makes her entrance in a romantic

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