The Ultimate Guide to Natural Wedding Makeup

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Wedding Makeup with INIKA Organic

Are you a makeup minimalist? If the only place we’ll find you baking and blending is the kitchen, you might be hesitant to pile on the product for your wedding day. You want to look your best, but you also want to look like yourself! 

No doubt you’ve chosen a wedding outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin, and the same should go for your makeup look. Today INIKA Organic is sharing their fuss-free guide to fresh-faced wedding makeup that will let your natural beauty shine through. 

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Step 1: Perfect your skincare routine

Before we raid the makeup bag, we need to talk skincare! Establishing a regular skincare routine in the weeks leading up to your big day will create an ideal base for your wedding makeup. 

Look for skincare products which contain natural and organic ingredients to give your skin all of the nutrients it needs to thrive. No need to go crazy though, as a simple cleanse-exfoliate-moisturise regimen will have your skin glowing by the time you’re ready to exchange vows. 

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Wedding Makeup with INIKA Organic

A gentle cleanser will work to remove any impurities without stripping the skin’s natural barrier. Following this, a rich moisturiser containing nourishing botanical extracts will leave your face feeling soft and hydrated, making it even easier to apply your wedding makeup. 

Step 2: Don’t forget to use makeup primer

Your wedding day is a marathon, not a sprint, so your makeup needs to go the distance! To keep your face looking fresh from ceremony to send-off, you’ll want to start with a makeup primer

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Wedding Makeup with INIKA Organic

You can choose between a dewy primer to help enhance the natural glow of your skin, or a matte primer to help maintain oil balance and a shine-free finish. It’s the secret to a smooth canvas that will help your wedding makeup last all day long.

Step 3: Go for a lightweight foundation

Next up is a hydrating foundation or BB cream to naturally enhance your skin. The only thing we want looking cakey is dessert! If you need a little more coverage, a lightweight concealer can be used to touch up any blemishes or dark circles. 

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Wedding Makeup with INIKA Organic

To avoid your base looking parched or flaky before the party has properly kicked off, choose a cream-based or liquid foundation that will seamlessly blend on your skin. INIKA’s foundations feature natural ingredients with amazing hydrating properties to ensure your skin stays nourished AM to PM – and all without any added nasties!

Step 4: Create a natural glow with highlighter

A cream-based or liquid highlighter is the easiest way to add dimension to your natural wedding makeup. Simply sweep across your cheekbones for a luminous finish that reflects how radiant you’ll feel as you marry your love.

INIKA’s highlighters have a velvety-soft formula that provide silky, sheer coverage. And as they’re made with skin-loving ingredients like certified organic cranberry water and coconut oil, you’re getting skincare benefits and a glowing complexion – two for one! 

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Wedding Makeup with INIKA Organic

Step 5: Keep your eye makeup simple

Go lightly with your eye and brow makeup and choose neutral eyeshadow shades to naturally enhance your baby blues, gorgeous greens or beautiful browns. 

Swap the heavy eyeliner for a lighter shade of eye pencil to softly define your eyes, keeping as close to the lash line as possible and applying with a feather-light touch. 

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Wedding Makeup with INIKA Organic

For your brows, brush the hairs to create a natural fluffy look and then set them with a little bit of brow gel. Choosing a tint that matches your natural colour will help fill them in. 

As for mascara, look for one that adds natural length and volume without being too extra! Choose a formula suitable for sensitive eyes to make sure you can wear it comfortably for the whole day. INIKA’s organic mascaras are made with luxurious formulas that contain 100% natural ingredients to boost lash length, volume and span without irritating your eyes, which is essential for those emotional wedding moments! 

Step 6: Add colour with blush and lipstick

Perfect your pout with a long-lasting, moisture-rich lip balm, lipstick, crayon or gloss in a colour that doesn’t compete for attention. INIKA’s collection of naturally infused lip care will help prep your lips for your first kiss as newlyweds.

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Wedding Makeup with INIKA Organic

As the final touch to your ‘no makeup’ look, add a subtle hint of colour to your cheeks. INIKA’s Lip and Cheek Cream is a nutrient-enriched cream that hydrates and protects your skin while giving you a natural flush. Infused with sweet almond oil and Vitamin E, it glides on easily and leaves you with a sheer dewy finish. The fact that you can use it as a lip cream as well as a blush makes it a must-have for touch-ups during the day! 

Thanks to INIKA Organic for these fabulous tips! If you love the idea of barely-there wedding makeup, their range of natural makeup and skincare will help you feel like your best self on your special day. 

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Photography: INIKA Organic

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