How to Host a Great Marquee Wedding

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A large outdoor space provides a beautiful, relaxed setting and the perfect blank canvas for a marquee wedding. If you’re considering an outdoor event, here are the 7 key things you’ll need to plan to ensure the day runs smoothly.


The look and feel of your wedding will differ depending on the type of marquee you choose. Consider the layout you would like and how much space is needed for your seating arrangement, food stations or displays, dance floor, musicians and even a lounge area! It’s also worth budgeting for wall and ceiling fabric lining to conceal the framework of your structure and provide a backdrop for your styling.

Outdoor wedding expos often have marquees set up for you to experience, so visiting these events offers a great opportunity to visualise the different options.


If you’re celebrating in the heat of summer or on a cool winter night, you’ll need to think about how to keep guests comfortable. Portable heaters and fans are a great idea and can be set up as needed. Also discuss the options for weather protection with your marquee supplier for peace of mind on the day.

If the ground is soft, protect the lawn and your guests’ heels by installing wooden flooring to keep the surface solid and even. Having a marquee with enough space for guests to be able to circulate is important in case it is too wet to be outside.


You’ll need to create your own mood lighting so consider installing fairy and festoon lights, lanterns, chandeliers or LED uplighting for the perfect party atmosphere.


To ensure speeches and music can be heard clearly, ask your musicians and/or DJ what they bring and need concerning power, what is included in the cost, and whether their microphones can be used for speeches. A specialist AV company can help if you need equipment. Also check on any noise restrictions and time limits for the area.


Caterers now offer an incredible array of food to suit all tastes and budgets and can advise you on the options for your number of guests and location. Check what is provided by them regarding glassware, crockery, cutlery and wait staff. Mobile food vans are also a fun and cost-effective option to consider.

For food presentation and safety, use display jars with lids for a lolly buffet, a veil for your cake and covers for any exposed food.


Power availability and requirements are dependent on your location, lighting, catering and sound needs. A safe and reliable power source is a priority, so check with your marquee provider and/or an electrician if you need a generator and cabling, ensuring it meets all safety standards.

Guest Comfort

Don’t forget about providing adequate bathroom facilities for your day. A queue for the port-a-loo isn’t a good look and placement is important so it’s neither the first thing guests notice nor impossible to find in the dark!

There’s a unique set of logistics to consider when organising an outdoor wedding in a marquee, but with good planning and professional assistance the results can be stunning!

Photography: Bush Turkey Studio

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