Entertainer We Love: Julianbullmagic

Julianbullmagic | Sydney Wedding Magician

Now this is a unique idea for your wedding entertainment! Julianbullmagic is a professional magician in Sydney with more than a decade of performance experience. Using sleight of hand, illusion, misdirection and suggestion, he’ll deceive and delight your guests with roving close up magic or a cabaret act. 

Julianbullmagic | Sydney Wedding Magician

What would you love every couple to know about magic?
Part of the reason I enjoy performing magic is that it’s a celebration of human imperfection. In most circumstances, being fooled is perceived to be a negative thing, but not in a magic show. A magician shows you that being incorrect is not shameful, but normal.

What can couples expect from your performance?
I offer a unique magical experience involving cards, coins, pencils, paper, balls, cups, spoons…pretty much anything! I can’t read minds but I do several tricks that give a very convincing impression that I can.

What are couples often surprised to learn?
That I am self taught and build almost all my own props.

What’s one popular question you get?
“Where’s my wallet?” What wallet? You never had a wallet…

Julianbullmagic | Sydney Wedding Magician

What should couples keep in mind when planning this part of their wedding?
The exact selection of tricks may vary according to the circumstances, as different environments allow for different illusions. For example, I have more options if people are seated directly in front of me or if I can control the lighting. However, I can do a full show surrounded and in any lighting. If you want me to do a large performance for everybody, your venue will need to have a stage or platform.

What do your couples say they love most about what you do?
That they can’t explain anything!

How do you create a great experience for your couples?
I have my audience members do many of the tricks themselves. I will deceive you, but you’ll love it!

You can connect with Julianbullmagic on Instagram.

Julianbullmagic | Sydney Wedding Magician

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