How to Announce Your Elopement Before and After You’re Married

How to Announce Your Elopement Before and After You're Married

You’ve decided to elope? That’s awesome! Working out how and when to tell everyone? Not quite so much fun…

Whether you’re sharing this exciting news before or after you say “I do” and planning a post-elopement party or not, there’s lots of creative options for how to spread the word. This HUGE list of elopement announcement wording ideas will help you find the perfect way to update your loved ones of your wedding plans and married status in a way that truly sounds like you.

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Eloping might seem less complicated than hosting a traditional wedding, but there’s still a surprising number of questions that need to be answered to plan this special experience. How to Plan Your Intimate Elopement will help you work through every detail step-by-step to realise your dream of a private and personal celebration that’s big on love and small on stress.

How to Tell Family and Friends Before You Elope

So we have some news…we’ve decided to elope! We’re excited to start this next chapter of our lives together and thank you for your love and friendship. 

Many of you have been asking about our wedding plans, and after much thought, we’ve decided that an elopement is the best fit for us. Your presence in our lives means more to us than you could know and we are so grateful for your love and support.  

Thank you so much for your well wishes on our engagement! We’ve decided to elope with just the two of us/our immediate families but would love to catch up with you soon. 

Love is patient but we are not! We’ve decided to elope so we can get married ASAP and start enjoying all of life’s next adventures together. Thank you for your support and understanding – it means a lot.

A big wedding has never felt like the right fit for us, so we’ve decided to get married in a private ceremony. Thank you for your love and support as we take this exciting next step together.

Due to current circumstances, we’ve decided to get married in a private ceremony and postpone celebrations until a later date. Thank you for your love, support and understanding – we feel so lucky to have you in our lives.

We have some exciting news! We’ve decided to elope on [Date] and would be honoured if you’d be our witnesses. Please join us to celebrate on this special day at [Location and Time].

Elopement Announcement Poems Before the Day

Just Us Two

We’re getting married with just us two, 
A private ceremony to say “I do”. 
And even though there’ll be witnesses few, 
We want you to know how much we appreciate you. 

Simple Style

Because we’ve been partners in life for a while,
We’ve chosen to tie the knot in simple style. 
When we elope, you’ll be in our thoughts, 
Thank you so much for your longstanding support.

Once We’re Hitched

We’ve decided to elope to say “We do”,
And once we’re hitched, we’d love to celebrate with you!

Looking Forward

We’re heading off to tie the knot,
And will share how it all went soon.
We’re looking forward to catching up, 
But first, the honeymoon! 

Our Wishes

You may have heard our wishes,
You may have heard us joke,
But on the [Day] of [Month],
We’ve chosen to elope!

How to Tell Family and Friends After You Elope

Informal Elopement Announcements

Guess what? We tied the knot! In [Location] on [Date]

We’ve eloped! In [Location] on [Date]

Just Married! In [Location] on [Date]

We got hitched! In [Location] on [Date]

We Do, We Did! In [Location] on [Date]

Nothing fancy, just love! We eloped in [Location] on [Date].

Big news! We got married in [Location] on [Date].

We’ve got happy news to share! We married in a private ceremony on [Date] in [Location]. 

We exchanged vows in an intimate wedding ceremony in [Location] on [Date]. 

We officially tied the knot at [Location] on [Date] in a private ceremony. 

On [Date] we took our love to [Location] and officially tied the knot. 

After [Number] wonderful years together, we’re thrilled to announce that we’re married! 

With love in our hearts and our kids by our side, we exchanged vows in a private ceremony on [Date] in [Location].

Surprise! We’re excited to announce that we’ve made things official. We were married in [Location] on [Date].

So…we ran off and got married! (After filling out all the paperwork and waiting the required number of days). 

We couldn’t wait to get hitched, so we did!

We eloped and we’re stoked! 

Heck yes we did!

We did the damn thing!

So, we did a thing…

We said yes to each other now and forever…

We’re so excited to announce our marriage!

Love made us do it.

Love finds a way…

It’s official! We’re now Mr/Mrs | Mr/Mr | Mrs/Mrs!

Announcing the newlyweds: [Name] and [Name]

Introducing The [Last Name]s

The [Last Name]s: Est. [Date]

Formal Elopement Announcements

[Name] and [Name]
Got married on [Date]
In [Location]

[Name] and [Name] were married in a private ceremony on [Date] in [Location]. 

[Name] and [Name] exchanged vows in the presence of immediate family on [Date] in [Location]. 

We are honoured to announce the marriage of [Name] and [Name] on [Date] in [Location]. 

It is with great happiness that [Name] and [Name] announce their marriage. They exchanged their vows on [Date] at [Location]. 

With great love we joyfully announce our marriage, which took place in [Location] on [Date].

Although we decided to celebrate our love with a private ceremony, please know that you were in our hearts and thoughts on this special day.

As you know, we had to change our original wedding plans. You were with us in our hearts on our special day.

Surprise, we got married! We’re so happy to share the news and look forward to celebrating with you soon. Until then, please enjoy photos from our elopement in [Location]. 

We’re thrilled to announce that we officially tied the knot in an intimate ceremony surrounded by our immediate families. Your love and support as we begin our married life together is very much appreciated.

Elopement Announcement Poems After the Day

Simplest of Ways

We want you to know that we’ve eloped,
The day was everything we’d always hoped! 
Although we chose to celebrate our love in the simplest of ways, 
You were there in our hearts then and always.

Always in Our Hearts

We love you all and thought you should know,
We went and got married without a lot of show.
And even though on this day we were far apart,
You were with us in our thoughts and are always in our hearts.

Simple Suited Us Best

With loving friends and family,
We have been so blessed.
But when it came to getting married,
Simple suited us best.

Life Had Other Plans

Because life had other plans,
Our big wedding had to be canned,
So we tied the knot,
In a private spot, 
With just two wedding bands.

We sealed our vows with a kiss,
And at last enjoyed newlywed bliss,
Our hearts were full,
But we felt the pull,
Of loved ones sorely missed. 

What Really Matters

Our wedding plans were in tatters, 
Then we remembered what matters.
Love always finds a way, 
So we eloped on this day.

Tropical Destination

We set sail for a vacation, 
And tied the knot in a tropical destination.
We thank you for your loving support, 
And will all raise a glass when we’re next in port!

Post-Elopement Party Invitation

Planning a Happily Ever After Party? Add one of these lines to your elopement announcement to let your loved ones know there’s a celebration to come, whether or not you have the event details ready to share.

Without Event Details 

We can’t wait to celebrate with you! 

We look forward to celebrating with you soon.

We’ll let you know the after party details soon!

We’ll be planning a wedding reception in the near future and can’t wait to celebrate with you! 

We’ll be hosting a wedding reception at a later date. Details to come!

We would love to see you at our reception! Details to follow. 

With Event Details 

Please join us to celebrate the love and marriage of [Name] and [Name]

Please join us for a party to celebrate the marriage of [Name] and [Name]. 

Please be our guest at a reception to celebrate our marriage on [Day of Week], [Date] at [Time], [Location and Address].

Please join us to celebrate our marriage. [Event Details]

Please join us in celebrating our marriage at a reception on [Date].

Please join us for a Happily Ever After Party to celebrate our marriage. [Event Details]

We’d like to invite you to our Happily Ever After Party! [Event Details]

Please join us for our post-elopement party! [Event Details]

Come party with us! [Event Details]

Now what? Let’s party at [Location, Address and Time].

We’re married, now let’s celebrate! [Event Details]

We look forward to celebrating this happy occasion with our nearest and dearest on [Date] at [Location].

We can’t wait to celebrate with our beloved family and friends at [Location] on [Date].

We’d love to party with you! Please join us for a celebration dinner. [Event details]

Please join us for a celebratory reception. [Event Details]

Please join us for a casual celebration. [Event Details]

Please join us for an evening of celebration. [Event Details]

Come help us celebrate our love. [Event Details]

Post-Elopement Party Invitation Poems

Minimal Fuss

We decided a big wedding wasn’t for us,
So we got married with minimal fuss. 
Now it’s time to set a date,
For us all to celebrate!
[Event Details]

Share in the Fun

Now all the legal stuff is said and done,
We’d love for you to share in the fun!
[Event Details]

Now It’s Time

Two hearts became one,
Now it’s time to have fun!
[Event Details]

Change of Plans

We changed the wedding date but couldn’t wait,
Now there’s an elopement to celebrate!
[Event Details]

We Can’t Wait

We couldn’t wait to say ‘I do’,
And now we can’t wait to celebrate with you!
[Event Details]

Now that you’ve sorted your elopement announcement details, you can roll out the good news and get back to celebrating this happiest of days! 

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