How to Host a Beautiful Bridal Shower

The bridal shower can now be anything from an afternoon tea to a fabulous girl’s day out, and even a joint celebration with the groom! Want to plan a memorable event? All your questions are answered in this comprehensive guide. 

Who organises? Usually the bridesmaids plan the details of the day with the help of the bride’s mum. This includes invitations, location, food, drinks and decorations, as well as games and prizes if you’re having a traditional shower.

Who’s invited? Nearest and dearest of all ages are welcome. Ask the bride for a list of who she’d like to invite and their contact details – usually everyone attending the shower is also invited to the wedding.

Who pays for the event? For something more casual, the hosts usually cover all of the costs. If your plans involve things like a spa experience or flower crown workshop, it’s fine to ask guests to contribute. As the guest of honour, the bride’s costs are usually split between the hosts.

When should it be held? From six months to two weeks before the wedding. It’s a good idea to check with immediate family and close friends about availability before setting the date.

What style of event should it be? You can chat with the bride about this one – is she a tea and scones girl or are champagne and canapés more her style? Whatever you plan, keep the setting relaxed and comfortable, so it’s easy to mingle.

How long should it go for? Two to three hours is perfect.

What food should be served? Light finger foods, tapas style dishes or a high tea are all great options. Also, you can never go wrong with mocktails or mimosas!

What about activities? Not everyone may know each other, so games are great icebreakers and can be played throughout the shower – three or four are usually enough! Here are a few ideas to get you started.

The Price is Right: Present guests with a selection of products and ask them to write down what they think each item is worth. The closest individual or overall guess can win those items as a prize.

Perfect Portraits: Give guests everything they need to draw their best portrait of the bride. Whether artistically inspired or a creative impression, the results are guaranteed to entertain, with a winner chosen by the group.

Two Truths and a Lie: Each guest introduces themselves and shares three statements about their life, then it’s up to everyone else to determine which one is a lie. Often fact is stranger than fiction, which leads to some funny stories!

Guess My Age: Share a series of photos of the bride at different ages and ask guests to write down their best guess for each picture. The person with the most correct answers wins.

What about gifts? Originally intended to help the bride set up her home, shower gifts are now practical, fun or personal and generally inexpensive. If the bride prefers no gifts for this event, just make a note on the invitation.

Photography: gm photographics | Venue: Dunbar House | Planning: Diane Khoury | Flowers: Crazy About Flowers | Drinks Station: Drinkalicious | Dessert Bar: Sweet Bloom Cakes | Dress: George Elsissa | Hair: Barbi Vidiac Hair Stylist | Makeup: Jacinta Nakhoul Makeup