10 Essential Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

10 Essential Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

So this wedding venue you found looks even more amazing in person and you’ve just been told it’s available for your preferred date! You can already see yourselves mingling by the bar and carving up the dance floor, but there are still 10 important questions to ask before signing off on the biggest wedding commitment you’ll make (well, besides the part where you say, “I do”). 

1. Are there any minimum requirements for our wedding date? 

You might need to meet a minimum spend or head count, which can vary based on the day of the week, time of day or season of your wedding. 

2. What are the maximum capacities of different floor plans? 

Whether you’re picturing a seated or standing event, changing the shape, size and layout of your furniture will affect how many guests you can fit in the space. 

3. Will we have exclusive use?

Check if other events can be held on the same day or at the same time as your wedding, and if so, what this means for access to indoor and outdoor spaces.

4. How convenient is the location?

Everyone wants to spend less time travelling and more time celebrating! Get an idea of the accommodation options, ceremony venues and photo locations nearby. 

5. Is there a set schedule for our event?

Many venues have start and finish times you’ll need to stick to and tight turnarounds for setup and pack down. Confirm whether a full day of decorating or midnight send-off is on the cards! 

6. Is the venue weather-proof?

You want to be comfortable in any conditions! Review their wet weather backup and solutions for airflow and heating when temperatures swing. 

7. Is there a preferred supplier list?

Some venues will offer recommendations to help you build your dream team. Others will require you to work with their tried-and-trusted crew. 

8. Are there any limitations on what we can do in the space?

From confetti to candles, suspended features to sparklers, there may be a few rules on what you can and can’t use in the venue. Ask what’s possible before you set your styling plans! 

9. What does the pricing include and exclude?

Different venues offer different inclusions when it comes to food, beverages, staffing, equipment, furniture and decor. Find out what costs are covered and what you’ll need to budget extra for. 

10. Are there any other policies we should know about? 

Venue contracts usually cover things like payment deadlines, cancellation and other important booking terms. Get familiar with these before signing on the dotted line! 

10 Essential Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

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