The Celebrity Double Wedding Trend: Elope Now, Party Later

The Celebrity Double Wedding Trend: Elope Now, Party Later

If there was ever a time to make like an A-lister, this is it! With everything that’s going on in the world right now, you may have had to press pause on your original wedding plans. It could be some time before you can gather friends and family the way you want to in celebration of your marriage. That’s why more and more couples are considering an intimate elopement followed by an epic after party with their loved ones as soon as they get the chance. 

Naturally celebs are ahead of the trend, with many famous couples choosing to elope now and party later last year. Today we’re breaking down why a double wedding is such a great idea – because stars like Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are onto something! 

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The Year of Getting Married Twice

Last year was packed with celebrity double weddings. One of the standouts was Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s impromptu Las Vegas wedding, complete with Elvis Presley impersonator, bridal jumpsuit and a ring pop exchange. It was planned with a week’s notice before the couple hosted a formal ceremony and reception at a romantic French chateau two months later.

“Marriage is a private thing between two people and I think that’s how it should always be,” Sophie told PorterEdit Magazine. “It’s not about the dress, it’s not about the food. It’s about being husband and wife, and being dedicated to each other forever.”

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s second wedding also grabbed headlines. After quietly tying the knot at a low-key courthouse ceremony a year earlier, they planned a traditional wedding at a luxury waterfront resort in South Carolina. Well, as traditional as a star-studded guest list, jewel-encrusted champagne and sneakers paired with custom Vera Wang can be! 

Zoë Kravitz, Karlie Kloss and Heidi Klum also all followed suit with two weddings last year. 

Double Wedding Trendsetters 

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen were one of the first celebrity power couples to elope now and party later 11 years ago. Their private church wedding with only immediate family in attendance was followed by a larger celebration at the model’s home in Costa Rica one month later. 

“We went back to the house and I barbecued aged New York strips. We had champagne, a cake, some ice cream. It was a great night,” Tom told GQ at the time. “I think you always have this idea that weddings need to be 200 people and you invite everybody, and I’m all for it if people want to do that, but I think there was really something special about just having our parents there. The thing about it is, the day’s for you. It’s nothing personal against anybody, but it’s not about them. It’s about what you need for that day.” 

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen also had a double wedding seven years ago – though this was more by accident! They kicked things off with a no frills ceremony at City Hall in New York before a lavish celebration in Lake Como, Italy. 

“We are dumb and didn’t realise that our Italian wedding would not be recognised unless we had a real ceremony in New York City,” Chrissy admitted to E! News

Benefits of Eloping Now and Partying Later

1. You can share a private moment

Even limelight-loving celebs crave some privacy for this personal occasion. The true purpose of a wedding is for two people to commit to one another for a lifetime. Eloping allows you to focus on the significance of this moment without any distractions. 

There’s no need to worry about what your guests are doing, thinking and feeling. How you exchange promises and celebrate afterwards is entirely up to you. It’s a simple and sentimental expression of love in its purest form. What better way to begin your married lives! 

2. Your union is legally recognised

There are some practical benefits to being married in the eyes of the law. If you’re facing military deployment, an expiring visa, job move, serious illness or something else outside your control, there may be no such thing as the perfect time for your wedding. 

Even if circumstances aren’t on your side, an elopement is a special way to make your union official and start the next chapter of your lives together. Then you can wait until the time is right to party with the ones you love. 

3. There’s less financial stress

You might not have the funds for a big bash right now but still want to tie the knot. Some wedding expenses are entirely dependent on the size of your guest list. Without a head count to contend with, eloping is easier on the wallet. You’re able to focus solely on what makes you happy and do away with any details that aren’t meaningful to you. 

You can also plan your post-elopement party for a later date that works better for you and your budget. This gives you as much time as you need to save some extra cash! 

4. You can wear your wedding outfits twice

I mean, no one’s stopping you from lounging around the house in your wedding getup any time you want, but it’s nice to have another legit excuse to wear it in public! A lot of couples wish they could don their wedding attire once more. And no wonder, as they’ve found outfits that make them feel their absolute best. So why not pull them out of the closet for a second go round? 

5. You can sidestep family drama

There will always be someone who doesn’t agree with your decision to elope. But sometimes the alternative is harder to face, especially when you have to walk a tightrope between different cultures, religions, traditions and complicated relationships. 

Often described as the perfect compromise, eloping now and partying later can mean less angst, fewer arguments and no need for a degree in diplomacy! 

6. You can plan a party without the pressure 

Your nearest and dearest will no doubt want to celebrate this milestone moment with you, even if they’re not witness to the legal ceremony. A vow renewal, celebration of marriage or anniversary party are all great options.

An elopement after party can provide an escape from the etiquette and expectations of a wedding. It’s the best excuse to throw convention out the window and just do things your way! 

You can choose which formalities to keep and toss. If you still want to enjoy all the trimmings of a traditional wedding, you can. If low-key and laid back are more your style, that’s possible too. A post-elopement party has no rules! 

The Best of Both Worlds

Simply put, a double wedding is double the fun! Two very different experiences, one intimate and personal, the other a joyous gathering of all your favourite people. What’s not to love?

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