32 Creative Bonbonniere Ideas

Miles Witt Boyer Photography via Oh Lovely Day
Miles Witt Boyer Photography via Oh Lovely Day

Bonbonnieres have come a long way since the traditional sugared almonds! With endless wedding favour options now available, we’ve sorted them by type so you can easily see what suits your budget and interests. These thoughtful ‘thanks for coming’ gifts cover all the bases, from handmade treats and special keepsakes to donations to your favourite charities. 

On a Budget

A beautifully worded thank you note, wrapped after dinner chocolate or fresh fruit at each place setting are simple, budget-conscious options. If you’re happy to get hands on, DIY is a great way to keep the costs down – just make sure you work out the cost to produce them for your number of guests so there are no surprises!

Food for Thought

From professionally made macarons and cakes in jars to homemade cookies, jams and infused oils – food based bonbonnieres can be a fun project and tasty addition to your reception tables. Lolly buffets are also a popular option as they are visually stunning and offer guests a smorgasbord of delicious take home treats.

Photography by Jay C Winter via Love and Lavender
Photography by Jay C Winter via Love and Lavender

Back to Nature

Seed packets, small potted plants, herb bunches or a flower at each place setting are all eco-friendly ideas inspired by nature. You can also set up a bouquet station where guests can wrap flowers from your centrepieces to take home at the end of the night.

Pampering Treats

Scented candles, body scrubs, lip balm and soaps can be great bonbonniere DIY activities for a girl’s night in. If you’d prefer to buy, check out markets and chat to local suppliers to see what artisanal treats are on offer.

Keepsake Activities

A photo booth, Polaroid cameras, caricaturist or a piñata filled with goodies are fun reception activities that also offer great keepsakes from the night.

Gideon Photography via Green Wedding Shoes
Gideon Photography via Green Wedding Shoes

Favourite Tipples

Beverage based bonbonnieres can hit the spot! If you’re a coffee or tea lover, coffee beans or tea samples are great options. Mini bottles of alcohol can allow you to cater to different tastes. Vintage-style soda bottles and hot chocolate ingredients layered in jars are also popular and look great as a display.

Sharing the Love

Making a donation on behalf of your guests to your favourite charity is a great way to make a difference and spread the joy. Simply visit their website, as many charities will have a bonbonniere option available for you.

Sharing Hobbies

There are so many other ways to bring your interests into your wedding favours. Luggage tags, copies of your favourite books, vintage tea cups, golf tees and music compilations are all great for sharing what’s important to you and making it personal. And our favourite? Books in wrapping paper as a ‘book blind date’.

Keeping it Personal

Bonbonnieres don’t have to be the same for everyone – think cigars and shot glasses for the boys, activity packs for the kids and a pashmina, brooch or pretty fan for the grandmas. If they’re useful, entertaining, decorative and above all thoughtful, your guests will love them!

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