What Editors Look For in Styled Shoot Submissions

What Editors Look For in Styled Shoot Submissions

Did you know it takes less than a minute for wedding blog and magazine editors to accept or reject a styled shoot submission? That’s not to say they rush the decision – they’re just so in tune with their editorial criteria, they know almost immediately whether a concept is the right fit for their publication. Here are 15 questions editors ask in 60 seconds. 

The Essentials

1. Is this submission addressed to me or my publication?

2. Has this shoot been submitted or published elsewhere?

The Concept

3. Is there a clear style fit between this shoot and the content we share?

4. Does this shoot share an original or well-executed idea our readers will love?

5. Is this concept similar to other recent features and will that be repetitive for our readers?

6. Am I inspired to write about this concept?

The Images

7. Have the images been edited in a consistent style for seamless flow?

8. Have enough images been supplied to tell a compelling story?

9. How much time will it take to sort through the images and make a selection?

10. Does this shoot feature images that will resonate with our followers on Instagram and Facebook?

11. Does this shoot feature portrait images of details that will appeal on Pinterest?

The Specs

12. Have the images been sent through at the correct resolution?

13. Have supplier credits been listed in a methodical way?

14. Have website links and social media handles been supplied as requested?

15. Have concise details about the inspiration behind the shoot been provided?

First Impressions Count

In this case, first impressions really do count. What photos will you share? What content will you write? The truth is, a successful blog or magazine feature is the sum of many small decisions, from the moment you come up with your concept to the moment you hit “Send” on your submission.

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