5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Audience Engagement

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Audience Engagement

We all know social media is important for business, but it can be a challenge to know what to do to get the best results! Here are five quick social media marketing tips that will help you engage your audience.

1. Develop a brand personality. Is your brand bright and bubbly, funny, thoughtful, quirky? Creating a unique identity for your business will help build relationships with your followers and make your brand stand out.

2. Have a plan. Ask yourself if you need to be on all platforms – trying to be everywhere can potentially take your time away from other more valuable opportunities! Which social media channels have worked best for you so far in terms of time spent vs benefit? 

3. Be consistent. You want your followers to feel like they can count on hearing from you, so decide on a regular routine that feels right for you and pre-schedule wherever possible.

4. Feature variety. Different types of content will appeal to different people, so consider posting everything from behind-the-scenes snaps to article links and inspirational images.

5. Have a conversation. Your voice is what makes your business unique! Keep your tone relaxed and don’t feel like you have to sell in each post – a helpful and friendly approach will nurture a loyal following.

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