Why You Should Repost Your Old Social Media Content

Why You Should Repost Your Old Social Media Content

When you think back to that amazing wedding, shoot or blog post you did a year ago, it can feel like old news. But reposting this content is one of the easiest ways to keep your social media accounts ticking over and your audience engaged. Here’s the rundown on why you should be regularly digging into the archives.

Why Repost?

With so much content shared daily on social media, and most platforms reducing the number of people you can reach with each post, it’s unlikely that all of your followers will see all of your updates. So why worry about coming up with fresh and original content for every post?

You’re probably thinking, “No one wants to see the same content over and over – won’t people unfollow me if I post the same thing multiple times?”

First of all, you’re allowed to be proud of your work! And if your followers do see a repeated post, it’s easy enough to scroll past. For some, it might be the reminder they need to get in touch. For others who have just started following your work, it’s the perfect calling card for your business!

As long as there’s some breathing room between each share (e.g. one per month), it’ll feel less like you’re beating your audience over the head.

Sharing Old Content in a New Way

Each time you’re featured on a blog, receive portfolio photos or publish an article on your website, try to think of at least five different ways to share that content. It also pays to revisit content you know your followers have responded to well in the past.

You can talk about the same content many times by changing the text slightly for each post. Here’s a quick example of how you could do this with a blog feature.

1. “We’re so excited to share this romantic boho feature published on [Blog]!”
2. “We loved planning this romantic boho concept, check out all the ideas on [Blog] below.”
3. “If you’re looking for inspiration for a romantic boho wedding, we’re sharing plenty of ideas in this photo shoot.”
4. “Romantic boho styling is very popular with our couples at the moment! Check out our recent photo shoot featuring some of our favourite ideas.”
5. “We wanted to show how you can combine romantic and boho wedding styles in one of our latest photo shoots – click the link to check it out!”
6. “This has to be one of our favourite shoots ever! Check out all the romantic boho ideas here.”
7. “Did you catch our feature on [Blog]? We’re sharing some of our favourite romantic boho wedding ideas.”

It will feel a little repetitive to you, but trust us, your followers won’t notice! Plus, nothing is more satisfying than seeing your social media accounts receiving more engagement for less effort.

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