30 Overused Wedding Marketing Phrases (and What to Write Instead)

28 Overused Wedding Marketing Phrases (and What to Write Instead!)

Writing with punch and personality is the best way to highlight your unique voice and offering. But there are a number of common phrases that can creep into your wedding business marketing because you’ve come across them so often – and so have your potential clients! The last thing you want is for couples to feel like they’ve heard it all before, so skip these overused words and give your pitch an instant lift. 

Overused marketing phrases

Congratulations on your engagement

Our mission is to / We are dedicated to / We put a strong emphasis on / We pride ourselves on

With a passion for / We are passionate about / We believe

Make your dreams a reality / Bring your vision to life / Dream wedding

Make things as easy as possible / As stress-free as possible / So you can relax and enjoy your day

Go the extra mile / Go above and beyond / Take it to the next level

Represent who you are / Reflect you as a couple / No two weddings are the same / As individual as you are

Perfect day / Special day / Best day of your life / Best day ever / Once-in-a-lifetime

A day you’ll remember forever / Memories that last a lifetime / For the rest of your lives / Long after the day is over

So what should I do instead?

One of the most common pieces of creative writing advice is to show, don’t tell. And that’s our recommendation here!

Instead of saying you’re creative, give examples of how you have been creative. If you want to share with couples that you go the extra mile, explain exactly how you do that. Don’t just say your service is unique and your team is professional. What makes your service unique? What makes your team professional?

Asking yourself these questions will not only make your pitch stand out, but give potential clients a deeper understanding of who you are and what you can offer them.

Need some help?

We’ve reviewed hundreds of marketing messages for wedding suppliers to help them call out their points of difference in a fresh and original way. If you know what you want to say but are struggling to make it sound great on paper, our Wordsmith Service can help with everything from website content to social media posts and sales campaigns!

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