How to Use Video for Your Wedding Business

How to Use Video for Your Wedding Business

With YouTube clocking over a billion users, Facebook making moves to become all video, Instagram introducing longer video, and even Pinterest developing its own video player, the message is clear: video is becoming a huge factor in social media, and it’s time to get involved. It may feel like a daunting process, but there are some simple options – here’s our quick guide to creating videos for your wedding business! 


Why video?

Video helps your audience see a different side to your business in a way not achieved by other types of content, whether it’s a 360° perspective on your work, or an opportunity to hear directly from you.

What if I have nothing to share?

Don’t stress! Even the Kardashians need to create story lines to keep their daily life interesting enough for TV. Don’t put pressure on yourself to “perform” or craft a persona that’s not true to who you are – it’s too exhausting to keep up! We all have natural downtime in our lives and it’s okay to take a week off if you’re just not feeling it.

What if video just isn’t my thing?

If the thought of putting yourself front and centre makes you anxious, that’s okay! Stick to capturing footage from behind the camera, or explore ways of creating moving images from static ones if you still want some video presence. Just because the popularity of video is growing, doesn’t mean interest in beautiful images or engaging writing is declining – there’s an audience for everything and it’s important to play to your strengths.

Types of Video Content

These are some of the most popular styles of video being used by wedding businesses right now:

Traditional – A longer video format, shot with professional equipment and uploaded as a more permanent piece of content.

Streaming – Real time footage and live audience interaction.

Stories – Informal videos shot on your mobile device which are uploaded to social media. Some have a limited viewing lifetime.

Slideshows – A sequence of photos set to music of your choice.

Loops – Up to six seconds of recorded footage displayed with or without sound in a continuous loop.

Ideas for Your Next Video

Q&A – Record individual responses for a quick option or host a live session where viewers can submit questions on the fly.

Quick Tips – Create a series of tips and share them in separate short and sharp videos once a week. Just make sure they can be saved and repurposed for another use – you don’t want to waste that effort!

Tutorial – Help your audience learn a new skill, or at least gain a greater appreciation of your craft with a step-by-step instructional.

Day in the Life – On location for a wedding or shoot? Take viewers on a journey from your early morning prep, to your road trip and some behind-the-scenes footage of all the action.

Final Product – Give viewers a tour of that finished makeup look, floral arrangement, styled space, etc.

Image Gallery – Create a series of images set to music to share across multiple social channels.

Interview – Introduce your audience to some of your favourite wedding pros by conducting mini interviews with industry friends.

VIP – Announce exclusive special offers or discounts for those who watch your streams or stories.

Behind-the-Screens – Just received photos of a recent wedding, or finished an edit for a client? Share a quick look at your latest work with a scroll through on your PC.

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