Top 5 Wedding Customer Service Complaints from Couples

Top 5 Customer Service Complaints from Brides

It’s no secret that couples are often time poor, a little overwhelmed by the wedding to-do list and anxious about making the right choices for their day. If you can help take these stresses away, it’s guaranteed to improve sales lead conversion and client satisfaction. Here are the top five service complaints we’ve heard from nearlyweds – and some simple fixes!

1. Enquiry Response Times

The bubble bursts pretty quickly for newly engaged couples when they start sending out enquiries and find themselves waiting days (or weeks) for a reply.

How to address: This is often caused by a lack of understanding about the variable office hours for wedding suppliers. Set up an email autoresponder or voicemail message to let people know when they can expect a response, and try to be consistent with turnaround times. (By the way, if that inbox is overflowing, there are a few things you can do to get it back under control.)

2. Pricing Transparency

Many couples wish suppliers would be more upfront about what they charge – they don’t want to feel like they have to jump through hoops to find out whether they can afford a product or service.

How to address: Share a price range or starting value on your website to give potential clients an idea of the expected costs. If your product or service is customised for each client, explain why pricing can’t be supplied upfront and the process you go through to tailor your quotes. Showing a few examples of your work and their costings may also be an option to ensure inquiring couples are in the right ballpark before investing the time in quoting.

3. Product Clarity

A big part of feeling in control of the planning process for couples is understanding exactly what they’re getting for their investment.

How to address: When you know your product inside and out, it can be hard to see it from the perspective of someone who has never seen it before. Write down all the questions someone might have about what you offer and then answer them one by one. If you hear the same question from multiple people, build that into your marketing material too. The more information you provide upfront, the more confident couples will be in their purchase decision.

4. Personalised Communication

Receiving a standard response that doesn’t address the details or questions they sent through can be a frustrating experience for couples.

How to address: Email templates are a great tool for responding quickly to enquiries, but not at the expense of potential clients feeling important and valued. The solution for this one is simple – take the time to read each communication thoroughly and be sure to acknowledge any specific information the couple has shared in your reply.

5. After Sales Service

Even the most relaxed couples don’t want to feel like they need to chase up their suppliers for details and deadlines.

How to address: Make a plan for how and when you want to touch base with each client and share this with them at the start of your contract. Add follow-up reminders to your calendar or CRM tool so communication is always timely – you can also create templates for routine emails and schedule them so everything runs like clockwork!

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