Should You Have a Big Wedding or Small Wedding?

Should You Have a Big Wedding or Small Wedding?

Making the call on whether to have a big or small wedding is not just down to how many people you know and love. It also depends on the type of experience you want to have before and on your wedding day. 

Will you invite more or less than 100 guests? Here are all the benefits of big and small weddings so you can choose which size of celebration is right for you! 

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Benefits of a Big Wedding

There’s no limit to your guest list

A big wedding is ideal for the social butterflies among us! If you have a large family or circle of friends, there’ll be fewer difficult guest list decisions and less chance of hurt feelings. It will also be easier to accommodate plus ones and children so no one misses out.

Good vibes are guaranteed

No doubt about it, a big wedding is an instant party! There’ll be a buzz of excitement before your walk down the aisle and you’ll have the numbers to fill your dancefloor until the end of the night. The celebratory atmosphere you’ll create by bringing everyone together for this special occasion will have you feeling positively surrounded by love and happiness. 

You’ll meet minimum spends with ease

That large headcount will come in handy if you need to meet any minimum requirements set by wedding venues or suppliers. Whether it’s based on guest numbers or dollars, you certainly won’t be worried about a shortfall! As a result, there may be some dates, locations and details that are more accessible to you. 

There’ll be many helping hands

A big wedding is a big project, and being able to delegate tasks to a wide support network will help lighten the load. You might also receive offers of help from loved ones with hidden talents and interests you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. 

You can go grand with your plans 

A sizeable guest list needs a spacious venue, so there should be plenty of room for that five-piece band, photo booth or indoor fireworks display you wanted. Is a cosy lounge area or play corner for the kids also on your wedding wish list? Granted! 

Benefits of a Small Wedding

You’ll spend more time with your favourite people

There’s this idea that you should calculate how many minutes of conversation you can afford for each guest at your wedding. But that doesn’t sound fun at all! With an intimate celebration, there’s no need to rush around fulfilling social obligations. You can ditch the strict schedule and small talk on speed dial in favour of being present in the moment with your closest friends and family. 

Wedding planning will be easier

There are fewer logistics to consider when you’re not wrangling a large crowd, and none of them include worrying about whether there’s enough parking or portaloos! Seating plans are also a lot less stressful when you’re not trying to figure out who’s the least likely to take offence at being plonked on table 20.

You can prioritise quality over quantity 

The money you would have spent catering for all those extra guests is back in your pocket! With greater flexibility in how you divvy up your budget, you’ll be able to have all the wedding details you’ve been dreaming of and even consider more luxurious experiences for your day (or your honeymoon, just saying).  

You can DIY to your heart’s content

Got plans to make your own wedding invitations or thank you gifts? When you’re crafting in smaller quantities, those DIY projects you’re excited about never become a chore you’re sorry you signed up for. This keeps the enthusiasm high and the glue gun triggered meltdowns low! 

Every detail can be personalised

Cookie cutters begone! From music to menus, you can tailor everything to suit the tastes of those in attendance. There’s more opportunity to consider alternative wedding venues and unique details, which is perfect if you’re the nontraditional type. Being able to customise to this level will make your wedding day truly one-of-a-kind. 

There’s nothing quite like the feeling when your wedding day arrives. Whether you decide on a big or small celebration, making a lifelong commitment to one another and sharing the experience with your family and friends is guaranteed to be special!

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