The Best Wedding Advice from Newlyweds You Need to Read

The Best Wedding Advice from Newlyweds

There’s no better wedding advice than the hindsight of newlyweds who have just tied the knot. The lovebirds we feature always share with us what worked, what didn’t and what they wished they’d known because they want you to have the best day ever! From planning to personalising, coordinating to celebrating, here are the top wedding tips from happily married couples.

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Top Priorities

Discuss your wedding needs and wants together. Focusing on what you care about most will help keep your planning on track!

“Involve your partner in the planning. The day belongs to the two of you and there’s nothing better than building that together.”

“Be supportive of each other’s vision to make it the most special and memorable celebration for both of you.”

“It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the options and ideas, so work out which wedding details are really important to you and focus on those first. Spend your time and money on what you love most.”

“Don’t overcomplicate things. Do a few things brilliantly, rather than many things mediocre.”

Making Plans

Start planning early, research all the options and don’t overthink your decisions! Trust that you’ve made the right choice and move on to the next thing on your list.

“Planning the biggest party of your life may be stressful at times, but it’s also very enjoyable. The day itself goes so quickly, so have fun during the lead up.”

“The to-do list leading up to the day grows exponentially and tasks can take longer than you expect, so try not to leave things to the last minute!”

“Stay organised with lists, timelines, folders and reminders. Break big tasks into smaller, more achievable ones and set your goals for each week.”

“Once you’ve made a decision, stick to it. Planning can be confusing, so trust your instincts.”

Dream Team

Find suppliers you click with, book them early and then trust them to deliver. Let them use their creativity to come up with something amazing for you!

“Suppliers are likely to be booked out earlier than you think, so it’s best to inquire sooner rather than later! You don’t have to know exactly what you want right away, they’ll work on that with you.”

“A lot of effort at the start to choose the right suppliers makes things so much easier at the end. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and make sure your essentials are looked after.”

“Let your suppliers do the job you’ve paid them to do and put some trust in their suggestions and recommendations when they offer them. This is what they do week in and week out! “

Personal Touches

Create a day that celebrates who you are as a couple. If that means doing things a little differently, that’s okay!

“Have the party you want to have! Don’t feel like you need to cater to anyone else’s vision.”

“It’s so easy to get caught up in the do’s and don’ts of how your wedding should be. Remember you will never please everyone, so just focus on pleasing yourselves!”

“Just do what makes you happy. Don’t get hung up on rules or tradition or let other people’s opinions make you second guess yourself.”

“Make sure all decisions are what’s right for you as a couple. Whenever you’re feeling unsure, remember why you want to get married and what the day is supposed to represent. “

The Best Wedding Advice from Newlyweds

Life Balance

Wedding planning can quickly become all-consuming! Spending some wedding-free time with your partner and friends will help you unwind and return to the to-do list with fresh motivation.

“Relax and take some time for yourselves during the planning process. Have a date night, watch a movie, do something completely unrelated to the wedding at least a few times to decompress.”

“It’s easy to get carried away talking wedding every time you speak to your best friend. You can imagine it would get a little frustrating for your friend who just wants to have a regular conversation about their day or their relationship. Plan get-togethers and activities that have nothing to do with your wedding. Your friends will thank you for it!”

Helping Hands

You’ll enjoy the wedding planning so much more if you divide and conquer!

“Don’t be afraid to delegate! It’s impossible to do everything yourself and trying to takes the enjoyment out of planning. Friends and family are generally more than happy to help out and excited to be involved.”

“Lots of people offer help and most of them mean it. Handing some control over can really take the pressure off, especially in the last few weeks before the big day.”

“If you need help, ask for it! The support from family and friends is really what helps make the day a success.”

Small Stuff

It’s easy to get caught up in the details, but your wedding is just one day in your marriage, and every day after is just as important.

“You’re meant to be having the time of your life with the love of your life, so don’t sweat the small stuff. If you’re upset about rain or late relatives or not-quite-right anything, then you’re focusing on the wrong bits! Your wedding is only the first day of the rest of your lives together.”

“If things go wrong, try to remember that you’re the only one who knows what something should have looked like. Your guests won’t care if something is slightly different to what you chose, but they will notice if you look unhappy or stressed on the day.”

The Big Day

Months of planning go into an event which lasts just a few hours – no wonder it feels like time goes so fast! Take a moment to reflect on everyone and everything you’ve brought together.

“Enjoy your day as a couple. It’s easy to get to the end of the night and have been so busy with friends and family that you forget about taking some time together.”

“The day is not only meant to be about your love for each other, but cherishing the time with your guests. The feeling of having everyone you care about celebrating with you in the same place is something you’ll never forget.”

“Savour every moment of the day, from the first time you see each other at the ceremony, to the conversations and laughter at the reception, to the beauty of all the details you’ve worked so hard to plan.”

The Best Wedding Advice from Newlyweds
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