The Best and Worst Reasons to Elope

Tell anyone you’re thinking of eloping and you can be asked anything from, “Why?” to, “Are you sure?”. And while that ranges from nosy to offensive, it’s what we should be asking ourselves before committing to any big wedding decision. Are you looking for a romantic adventure or an escape from family drama? Is it driven by personal circumstances, preferences or feelings you haven’t yet named?

Here are the best and worst reasons to elope, so you can find your why!

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Worst Reasons to Elope 

To be spontaneous

An elopement can be a crazy romantic adventure you get to share with your partner, and exchanging your vows in Vegas can be just as meaningful as getting hitched in front of friends and family. But getting married isn’t something to do as a spur of the moment declaration of love if you haven’t really thought about a long term future with each other. The experience is just as exciting when you know you’re ready to commit to a lifetime. 

To please your partner

If you feel like you’re going to miss out on special wedding experiences, it’s time to chat with your partner about what matters to each of you. It’s important that you’re both happy with your wedding plans and can look back without any regrets.

To hurt someone

Are you eloping to exclude or punish someone? The way you choose to get married shouldn’t be a middle finger to a person outside of your relationship. Using your elopement as a weapon won’t get things off to a great start in what is meant to be a happy time in your life, so check in with yourself if there’s any underlying negativity affecting your decision.

To avoid conflict

Eloping was historically about running away from problems or any objections, and that’s something we should probably leave in the past! It’s tempting to avoid that difficult conversation or awkward situation, but the issues you left in the rear view mirror of your getaway car may still be there when you get back. 

We would never want you to put your physical or emotional health at risk. You are in the best position to assess your personal circumstances and make the right decision for you and your partner.

To keep your marriage a secret

Your elopement may be a cloak-and-dagger operation, but if you don’t plan on telling anyone after you’ve tied the knot, you may need to ask yourselves why. A slip of the tongue and your marital status can go from being a source of joy to a source of drama.

To save money

It’s true that an elopement is often less expensive than a wedding, but this shouldn’t be the only reason you decide to elope. You may regret skipping a bigger celebration for purely financial reasons, and there are a lot of other ways to wed before you hit the grand ballroom! 

Best Reasons to Elope

To start married life as soon as possible

If you just want to be married already, you’re not going to enjoy fussing over the details of a big wedding for an extended amount of time. Most couples are engaged for at least a year before they tie the knot, and that may feel like an agonisingly long countdown for anyone wanting to skip straight to wedded bliss! 

To stay true to yourselves

Maybe you feel like a traditional wedding isn’t reflective of your values. Maybe there are other things you’d prefer to spend your time and money on. However you choose to make your union official, it should feel authentic to your personal priorities.

To skip the wedding stress

Family drama, social expectations and cultural obligations can be the makings of a stressful wedding planning experience that puts a dampener on what should be the happiest of occasions! Eloping can offer some relief from these external pressures so you can focus on creating positive memories with the one you love. 

To mark the occasion privately 

You know in your heart of hearts that your ideal wedding doesn’t involve an audience. The more you think about it, the more you love the idea of an intimate ceremony for two. While it might sound impossible to plan a celebration that’s focused on you without being the centre of attention, an elopement can make this dream come true. 

To suit your personal circumstances

Family plans, health concerns, visa requirements, military deployment…there isn’t always a good time to tie the knot. Sometimes circumstances make the choice for you! Eloping may be the ideal option for you to make the best of this chapter of your story together.

As they say, if you can’t find the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect.

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